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I got a text with a picture of my ring. It was amazing!

  • from Yarmouth (Massachusetts, United States)
On labor day we all had a great time on Cape Cod, but in the evening I discovered that I had lost my ring somewhere. After lots of detective work it appeared that I had lost it somewhere between hopping off a boat in the water, walking to shore, and returning to a cottage.
The next day I looked everywhere with no luck.
I’ve had this ring for 40 years. It was a gift from my wife, and she was crestfallen.
My last idea was to buy, or rent, or borrow, a metal detector, figure out how to use it, and try to find the ring myself. Do they even work in salt water? Who knows?
I ended up finding in my search. Plugged in my zip code, and found several people in my local area. I immediately called Lou who is located here on Cape Cod less than 10 miles away. HE told me he would be happy to help.
I met Lou at the beach, explained the whole situation, and he started to search.
The first day he was unsuccessful. HE looked in the water, on the beach and in the yard at the cottage. I assumed we were done, but he told me he doesn’t give up easy. I had my doubts at that point but I was out of options.

The next day it was cold and raining, but at about 4pm

Jake reunited with his ring!

Lost after a dinner outing, the ring was recovered.

You folks do a great service, and I want to thank Lou personally here, and also tell others who have lost something of monitory or emotional value: reach out to them! They will help you.
Thanks again you are working miracles for people every day!