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Lost Wedding Band Found..!! Buffalo, New York.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

To those that think that a ring is just a band of metal, they could not be more wrong.

This is a story of what a ring really means.

This is a story of what true love really means….

On Sunday August 26, 2012  Ginger and her husband Eric were spending time with some family members down at Woodlawn Beach in Buffalo, New York, enjoying the weather and each others company.


Later on in the day, Eric and his cousin Jim got into the waters of Lake Erie to throw around a volleyball, batting it back and forth to each other.

The ball was hit back over to Eric, and when he went to catch it, it hit his wedding band and literally knocked it right off of his finger. He felt the ring come off and actually saw it hit the water and sink under the waves.

Immediately, Eric, Jim and Ginger began frantically looking for the ring on the lake’s sandy bottom for a long time with no luck.

It must have been a horrible drive home for them, having to leave something so precious and sentimental behind with nothing they could do about it. Or was there..??

Now, this to me is unbelievable…….as Eric had to return to work on Monday morning, Ginger was not ready to give up on her husband’s ring yet without a fight.

This beautiful woman, Ginger, got hold of some swimming goggles and returned to the beach all day on Monday, all day on Tuesday and all day on Wednesday with cousin Jim and his children, and even Eric’s mother to help with the search while Eric had to work. They swam around in circles in the area where the ring was lost just hoping to catch a glimpse of her husband’s ring……hoping to make a recovery.

After a valiant effort, still no luck.

Not to be beat yet, Ginger took to google and instantly found TheRingFinders, and seeing I was the closest guy to Buffalo, she contacted me.

Although I live in Toronto, I agreed to meet her at the beach on Thursday morning, August 30,2012.

I made it down to Buffalo at 8:30 am and met Ginger and Eric at the beach. Eric took a bit of time off of work that morning to show me where he thought the ring hit the water and then had to leave.

Ginger stayed with me as I began searching in the rough water. Throughout the day, the waves got bigger and bigger, and after four hours of getting tossed around like a cork, I honestly couldn’t take it anymore.

I couldn’t hold a proper grid search let alone keep my footing and then packed it in for the day with a promise to return.

Luckily, I have family in Rochester, not too far from the beach and started to make a plan.

When I returned home to Toronto, I called my cousin Mike and made arrangements to spend time there this weekend and also to return to the beach for Ginger and Eric.

I made it down to the beach again on Friday September 7, 2012 and met with Ginger first thing in the morning.

The water was rough again but not as bad as last time.

After searching for five hours straight I found a ring that was very similar to Eric’s however it wasn’t his and then searched for another hour. Thunder started to roll in and I was exhausted. Searching chest deep in rough water for that long is hard work..!!

We had to pack it in for the day again and I headed for my cousin Mike and Bonnie’s for the night in Rochester.

After spending Friday evening and Saturday with Mike and Bonnie, their daughter Molly, their son Matt and his gorgeous fiancée Rhonda, I was off first thing Sunday morning to meet Eric and Ginger back at the beach for another kick at the cat.

As always, Ginger had a coffee and muffin waiting for me. ( She is so awesome..!! )

After gearing up, I was back at it in the water by 9:00 am.

About an hour in, I found a nice, 1989 50 cent piece and thought this is going to be a good day…..we are going to snag the ring today…. I could feel it coming…..

An hour and fifteen minutes later, I got the signal we were waiting for… I took a huge scoop out of the sandy lake bottom, and when the sand and water filtered out of my scoop, there was a beautiful white gold wedding band. This was absolutely Eric’s as I had earlier seen a photo of his ring.

I yelled to shore that the ring was found and Eric charged into the water to greet me..!!

Once back on dry land, there was lots of hugging and hand shaking.

Really happy I was able to find this one..!!

This was a really trying search for me, not just the horrible water conditions, but the logistics of everything. However, it was worth every second, and I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

 Thank you so much Ginger and Eric for the generous reward. This really helps me keep my service going and doing what I love to do.

It was a pleasure to meet you guys and I sincerely hope that we can keep in touch.

Thank you as well to my cousin’s Mike and Bonnie for putting up with me this weekend.

Sorry Mike that Matt and me left your beer fridge bone dry. Lol.

See you guys soon.

Take care everyone,






Lost Ring Buffalo..!!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

To all of my neighbours south of the border…

My name is Mark Ellis, and I’m glad that you found me here on TheRingFinders website.

Although I live in Toronto, I am willing to come down to Buffalo to help you find what you thought was lost forever.

I can conduct searches for you anywhere on land or in water up to four feet deep.

Your lost item can be found…!!!

You can read my blog, or any other of the RingFinders blogs for some great stories and great recoveries.

We are all experts here at what we do and only use top of the line equipment to ensure our success.

If you have lost something, contact me as soon as possible. The quicker we can start the search, the better chance we have of a recovery, especially if your item was lost in a public area.

I look forward to helping you.

Take care,

Mark Ellis