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Platinum Wedding Ring Found In Broomfield

  • from Aurora (Colorado, United States)

Leap frogging with your kids all across a football field not only causes you to lose your breath in the Colorado air, but occasionally a lost wedding ring.  That agonizing feeling when you get home and notice that your priceless platinum wedding ring has gone awry.

Tenacious Treasure Tracker

JJ’s Platinum Ring found by Tenacious Treasure Tracker

JJ and I started searching for his lost ring Wednesday evening, a couple days after losing it, only to be halted by rain and lightning. The search resumed the next day on Thursday.  After 2 hours of searching while avoiding flying baseballs from a dad and his son having batting practice, the Platinum wedding ring was found. JJ is now a happy camper!

Tenacious Treasure Tracker

Happy JJ Relief From Tenacious Treasure Tracker

Another swift recovery by the Tenacious Treasure Tracker