Bowman’s beach lost ring

Naples, FL — Ring lost in canal during marriage proposal found and returned!

  • from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

The following is a description of events as told by Kayla & Franco:

”My boyfriend proposed to me on the dock where we share memories from the night we met.  He put the engagement ring on my finger and then wanted to show me the matching wedding band—but it fell out of the box and plopped into the water.  We attempted to sift through the murky, muddy bottom with no luck.  Thank goodness I found Craig Ostendorf through Ring Finders.  He found it so quickly and was happy to help.  I can tell he genuinely enjoys returning others’ valuables.  Thank you!  Now I have an extra special ring for our wedding day!”  Kayla and Franco

Rose gold and diamond wedding band retrieved from canal reunited with engagement ring!