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Lost Ring Killeen Texas – recovered

from Austin (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-512-470-7050

I was contacted by Ashley Rasdorf  in Killeen Texas concerning her ring that was laying on a table, picked up by her daughter and thrown into the yard. They bought a second hand metal detector but after days of trying, they could not find it.  It was imperative that the ring be found as they are moving and she didn’t want to leave it behind. So I got the e-mail and we agreed to attempt a recovery on Sunday morning. I arrived and was met by a worried Ashley who led me to the search area which was her back yard with the lawn about three inches tall.  Three passes over the search area and the AT Pro hit on a signal that registered 50 on the screen, the Pro Pointer lead me right to it and there it was. I called Ashley over, showed her the ring and I had one happy young lady on my hands. Now they can

move and not have that nagging feeling that they left her ring behind.

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