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Lost Platinum Ring Returned in Okotoks Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call this weekend, it went like this;

Hi I have never called anyone with a metal detector before.  I said, ” you still haven’t you used a phone” there was a long pause then followed by a  laugh as my weird sense of humor was realized.

He said, “my wife has lost her platinum wedding band can you find it ?”  I assured him that is it’s there I can find it, and I rushed out to his acreage just outside of Okotoks Alberta about a 1 hour trip but time is of the essence when finding lost items.

Once I got there I was told that their 18 month old and grabbed Mommy’s rings. 3 of them and tossed them off the deck each in a different direction they had found two but the wedding band had evaded there search.

I started up my detector and started hunting for a Platinum Signal, yes my detector can locate all kinds of different metal, within 15 minutes I got a strong Platinum signal which is identified by numbers in the range of 47 on the Garrett AT-PRO metal detector. I got down and parted the thick grass and there was the gleaming Platinum Wedding Ring.  Mom & Dad were thrilled to have the ring returned, Mom had to dry her tears of joy so I could get this picture.


Lost Platinum Wedding ring returned

Lost Platinum Wedding ring returned


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