Stephane Philippe

Found Heirloom Ring in Gatineau

Good morning everyone here’s an incredible story for everyone to read. On July 25th Rob and his girlfriend Maria Helena were swimming at a beautiful beach in Gatineau.  While enjoying the swim Rob felt his ring slip off his pinky and into the water. Please note that this is a family heirloom ring that he holds dear to his heart.  The ring has a family crest on it and a written in Latin says ( to save lives everyday). Rob is a paramedic.

Rob and Maria Helena searched frantically in the water for more than 4 hours. When they couldn’t find it they went on Facebook and wrote a note on the Metal Detecting  Ottawa site. They were sent to a fellow detectorist but he lived to far away. Stephane the detectorist sent Rob and Maria to me. After a phone call I made arrangements to meet at the beach to start the search.

Now once in the water it became extremely difficult to do my ring search I was thrown all over because of the waves. It what extremely windy and pinpointing a target was difficult when the waves are pushing you all over. We agreed that I would return very fast as soon as the weather was nice. A couple of days later the weather was finally beautiful.When I arrived at the beach I was happy for the water was calm. I started my grid search and within 45 minutes a nice glitter of gold appeared in my scoop. I love metal detecting it’s my passion but most importantly I love to watch the reactions of the people when I give them their jewelry that I’ve found. Their reaction… it’s priceless it’s like as if they haven’t seen a family member in years.

If you know anyone who’s lost a piece of jewelry don’t hesitate to call a ring finder. I love it and I’m a proud member of the Ring Finders. Take care of yourself and each other.


Kind Regards


Found Wedding Band Montreal Longueuil

Good morning everyone,

I received an email and a text from Sacha. Sacha needed a ring finder and he found me using the ring finders directory. This morning while putting trash in the trash container his hand was full of snow and to get rid of the snow off his hand he flicked his hand and of course he felt his wedding band come flying off his finger.

All of a sudden he heard a tinging sound and by the time he turned around he couldn’t see where the ring had landed. There’s fencing separating his property and his neighbour property. Picture the letter t but upside down  _|_  .   So the left sideq would be Sasha’s property and the right side it would be the neighbours property so underneath the T you have open space which is basically the neighbours and Sasha’s property together.

I shovelled snow and with the detector a basically scanned the snow.  I was having problems because of the fence and causing a lot of false signals. I went around the house into Sacha’s side of the property scanned the snow and received false signals again because of the fence I then went into the neighbours property and started to scan the snow I was receiving some signals but because I was really close to the house I knew it was probably because of piping or electricity. I was a little bit away from the fence. I ajusted the metal detector and rescanned the snow But this time I receive a nice strong signal and used my pinpointer and pinpointed towards the sound. I grabbed a hunk of snow and I felt the ring in the palm of my hand.

That feeling you get when you know that you’ve found a ring and you know that you’ll see that person become all happy and ecstatic and crying and filled with emotions I knew that it was coming in the next few seconds. I made my way around the neighbours yard to put away my equipment in the trunk of my car. I made my way towards the door and rang the doorbell, once the door was open I asked him if I can come in and talk with him. I explained to him that my search was over and that I had only found this one item. I pulled out his ring and showed it to him. What he did next what just yelled out his happiness  inside the house, scared the dog, and he had a huge smile  from ear to ear, he was shaking and he came down the stairs and gave me a huge hug.

If you know someone who has lost a piece of jewellery go on the ring finders website and look up the directory and look for the closest ring finder living close to you.

Thank you for trusting the ring finders. Please take care of yourself and each other.

My Kindest Regards

Stephane the Ring Finder



Found Engagement Ring Ottawa

Good day everyone

Anne Started her day like every other day, relax and getting ready to go to work, but that morning she was running late. Running to the bus stop she tripped and fell to the ground, she felt her ring slipping off and go flying in the snow.  At that same moment the city was clearing snow away from the bus stop and without her knowing the city had put a pile of snow  on top of her ring.

Anne was referred by colleagues who are also detectorists.  We called and texted each other and agreed to meet up that night. Approximately 45 minutes later I was swinging the detector and looking for the ring doing a grid pattern.  After a few moments I’m looking at the snowbank that the city had created by pushing the snow I said to myself what if ?  What if ? so I grab my shovel and started to remove some snow. As I am removing some of the  snow I grab my detector and start swinging the coil over the snow. All of a sudden I hear a loud ringing in my headphones and I pinpoint where the signal is coming from. Dang bang outcomes a beautiful ring.

I start walking towards her and I present her the ring that I had just found and she starts yelling and screaming and crying. Her whole body is shaking she can’t control her emotions so we both go together to her house.  We show the ring to her family and it was process.  What I felt it felt so good getting hugs and kisses from the family from all over I just love helping people out. I absolutely love being a member of the ring fingers if you know anyone who has lost a piece of jewellery today yesterday or three years ago please give a Ring Finder a call. We have a great ring finder directory.

Please take care of yourself and each other.

My Kindest Regards

Stephane the Ring Finder

Ottawa Found Wedding Band

Good afternoon everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve written in the blog. It’s been quiete quiet. I will work 110% to blog more. I absolutely love being a member of the Ring Finders. On the 2nd of June I received an email from Sandra, saying that her husband Eric had lost his wedding band playing soccer. A few days later i met up with Eric at the soccer field and showed me around. The search was on. Fast forward to a few weeks ahead my search continues but was limited to bad weather and the occupation of the field. On sunday morning July the 9th within 45 minutes i found 2 gold wedding bands identical to each other but different sizes. Fast forward to today July 23rd i meet up with Eric and Sandra at their home. I showed Eric the two wedding bands. The 1st ring to big. 2nd ring perfect fit. I love doing ring searches. The reaction of the people when you show them their lost item…their reaction is like they’ve not seen a family member in years.. its priceless. Thank you to Eric and Sandra for trusting the Ring Finders service. If you have lost a ring or other sentimental item of value or you know someone who has… trust only the best.. im Stéphane Philippe from the Ring Finders service located in Ottawa/Gatineau. Have a wonderful day everyone.




Found Ring Ottawa Soccer Field

Good afternoon everyone,


To start I received a message from Jon saying he had lost his customized wedding ring. To prevent from losing his ring he wrapped his ring in a clean cloth to clean glasses and put it in the case. Fast forward to the end of the soccer game. Retrieving his glasses and wiping them the ring fell in to the grass. Jon searched for his ring on hands and needs but to no avail. While looking through Kijiji Jon found my Ring Finders ad and sent me a message. Arriving on site I started to search but couldn’t go on for the mosquitoes were versions.  I asked Jon permission to return the next morning and he accepted it. This morning using orange cones I gridded the rest area for the players and started my grid work. One hour and half later on my White’s XLT bingo there was the ring. My only challenge was the hydroelectric lines running over the soccer field. A lot of interference. I want to thank Jon for trusting the Ring Finders metal detecting service.  If you lose your ring call a professional metal detectorist on the Ring Finders. Thank you Jon.

Memories scattered in ashes Ile du Grand Calumet / Souvenirs cachés dans les cendres Ile du Grand Calumet

Good day everyone,

On the 27th March I received an email from Isabelle to help her find lost jewelry lost in a horrible fire. Tragedy struck the family on the 3rd of January 2012, when playing dogs knocked over the christmas tree on a candle. Martin who is a volunteer firefighter for the municipality of Ile du Grand Calumet grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the flames and succeeded, but almost immediately the couch caught fire, now with the fire extinguisher  empty….there was nothing to be done, although the fire department was fast to respond…the house was a total lost.  Searching through the ashes and debris ( all the metal and dangerous items wereremoved from the basement), I was on a mission to look for her metal jewelry box and to find her 5 year old daughters jewelry. I searched the ashes over a 2 day period. Clumps of silver were found near her daughters room, please note this fire was intense and burned at times at over 2000 degrees, melting everything in its path. Alot of change was found, some sentimental value items were also found, and her daughters ring and chain. These were all eye ball finds. The challenge  was that there was alot of nails and other metal debris. Although Isabelle jewelry box was not found and Martin heirloom wedding band was not found either, a Swiss Army gold watch was found, her daughters ring was found, and other non metallic items. I would personnaly like to thank my brother in law Aymeric, Isabelle and Martin , the Ile du Grand Calumet volunteer firefighters, and Isabelle et Martin family for helping me search through the ashes to look for these valuable items. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart and soul for your help. Merci !

I use a White’s XLT for my ring searches please visit for great detectors and accessories.


Bonne journée à tous,

Le 27 Mars, j’ai reçu un courriel de part d’Isabelle pour l’aider à trouver des bijoux perdus dans un incendie horrible. La tragédie a frappé la famille le 3 Janvier 2012, lorsque les chiens jouait dans le salon ils ont  renversés l’arbre de Noël sur une bougie. Martin, qui est un pompier volontaire pour la municipalité de l’île du Grand Calumet saisi un extincteur pour éteindre les flammes et a réussi, mais presque immédiatement après le canapé a pris feu, l’extincteur était vide …. il n’y avait rien à faire , bien que le service d’incendie a été rapide à répondre … la maison a été une perte totale.La recherche a débuter à travers les cendres et les débris (tous les éléments métalliques et dangereux ont été retirés du sous-sol), j’étais en mission pour trouver sa boîte à bijoux en métal et de lui trouver les bijoux de sa petite fille de 5 ans. J’ai cherché dans les cendres sur une période de deux jours. Un lots de monnaie ont été trouvés ou etait situer la chambre de sa fille, prenes note que les flammes on été tres intense et brûlé à plus que 2000 degrés, et a fait fondre tout sur son passage. Certains articles de grande valeur sentimentale ont également été trouvés, et la bague de sa filles et une petite chaîne. Tout les items trouvé ont etait trouver a l’oeil nue. Le défi, c’est qu’il y avait beaucoup de clous et d’autres métaux. Bien que la boîte à bijoux d’Isabelle n’a pas été trouvé et la bague de mariage d’héritage a Martin  n’a pas été trouvé, La montre en or de Martin Swiss Army a été trouvé, la bague de sa fille a été trouvé, et d’autres items non métalliques, qui avait une grosse valeur sentimentale. Je voudrais personnellement remercier mon beau-frère Aymeric, Isabelle et Martin, les pompiers volontaire du Ile du Grand Calumet, et la famille de Isabelle et Martin  de m’avoir aidé à faire  la recherche à travers les cendres pour trouver ces objets de valeur sentimentale . Je remercie tous du fond de mon cœur et l’âme de votre aide. Merci!

Found Tennis Bracelet Chelsea (Best Search Ever) / Trouvé Bracelet de Tennis Chelsea (Meilleur Trouvaille a ce Jour)

Good Evening Everyone,

Noone wants to have to make that call when it happens..when you lose that ring, or bracelet, or chain.  Louise had to make that call to me on Wednesday night. Louise loves the outdoors and loves to walk a beautiful path in the woods behind her Chelsea home. On Wednesday afternoon she went for a walk with a friend and while walking she removed her a mitts a few times to fix her toque. The last time  she did it her tennis bracelet got snagged on her mitts and it fell onto the snow covered pathway. She didn’t realize until an hour later she  had lost her bracelet when she got home. She took several hours walking a snail-like pace to search for her bracelet but to no avail. That evening she Googled for metal detectors and found my profile page and blog and that is when she made that phone call. I had arranged  to search the next day but the rain decided to not stop, so arrangements were made to search friday morning. Friday morning we met at Louise beautiful home and she showed me the pathway. I grabbed my trusting sidekick White’s XLT and we started the search. After 2 and half hours and almost reaching the end of the path ( the path is shaped like a noose), I received a strong hit, after pinpointing I moved the coil away, and there in the sunlight I saw what look liked a piece of broken shoelace. I took my pinpointer and tested the snow around it. The pinpointer shook strongly, I removed the snow and picked it up the beautiful tennis bracelet. Louise was behind me, I told her ” I ‘ve got it” and swung around and showed to her. A loud yell echoed through the woods as she took the bracelet and gave me a huge bear hug squeezing the air out of my lungs and telling me Thank You. She thought her tennis bracelet that her husband gave to her was gone forever, but she found Stéphane the best Metal Detectorists of the East Coast ! She was in good hands. I love my hobby and what I do by returning lost jewelry to people who have lost them. If you lnow anyone who has lost a piece of jewelry, or needs to find a property stake, or you need an estate search to look for that hidden booty, please don’t hesitate and call Stéphane the Ring Finder at 819-205-2290. I love my work Hope to hear from you soon. Thank You !  I use a White’s XLT for my ring searches please visit for great detectors and accessories.


Bonsoir à tous,

Personne ne veut avoir à faire cet appel quand ceci arrive .. quand vous perdez une bague, ou un bracelet, ou une chaîne. Louise a dû faire appel à moi  dans la soirée de mercredi. Louise aime le plein air et  aime  marcher sur un chemin magnifique dans les bois derrière sa maison a Chelsea. Le mercredi après-midi, elle alla se promener avec une amie et  en marchant elle a enlevé c’est mitaines à quelques reprises pour fixer sa tuque. La dernière fois qu’elle l’a fait son bracelet de tennis s’est accroché à sa mitaines et il est tombé sur la piste couvert de neige. Elle c’est pas rendu compte que juste  une heure plus tard, qu’elle avait perdu son bracelet . Elle a pris plusieurs heures de marche un rythme d’escargot à la recherche de son bracelet, mais en vain. Ce soir-là, elle fait une recherche sur Google pour les détecteurs de métaux et a trouvé mon profile et mon blog et c’est cette soirée la qu’elle allait faire cette appel et que sa peine allait disparaitre. Je m’étais arrangé pour chercher le lendemain, mais la pluie a décidé de ne pas arrêter, alors on a décider de faire la recherche vendredi matin. Vendredi matin, j’ai rencontré  Louise a sa belle maison et elle m’a montré le sentier. J’ai attrapé mon acolyte de confiance mon White’s XLT  et nous avons commencé la recherche. Après 2 heures et demie et presque atteint la fin du sentier (le chemin est façonné comme un noeud coulant), j’ai reçu une forte tonalité dans mes oreilles,  et là, dans la lumière du soleil, j’ai vu ce que ressemblait un morceau de lacet cassé. J’ai pris mon Pinpointer et testé la neige autour du lacet. Le Pinpointer secoua fortement, j’ai enlevé la neige et le ramassa le bracelet de tennis. Louise était derrière moi, je lui ai dit” Je l’ai trouvé” et je me suis retourné vers elle pour lui montrer le bracelet. Un grand cri retentit dans les bois,elle a pris le bracelet et me donna une forte caresse a faire sortir l’air de mes poumons et des larmes de joie coulait sur sa joue. Elle pensait que son bracelet de tennis que son mari a donné etait disparu à jamais, mais elle a trouvé le chercheur de bijoux sur la  côte Est! Elle était en de bonnes mains. J’aime mon passe-temps et ce que je fais en trouvant les bijoux perdus pour les personnes qui les ont perdus. Si vous connaissez quelq’un ou si c’est vous quiconque a perdu un morceau de bijoux, ou a besoin de trouver un piquet de propriété, ou vous avez besoin d’une recherche immobilière pour trouver ce butin caché, s’il vous plaît n’hésitez pas et appelez Stéphane le Chercheur de Bijoux (The Ring Finder) à 819-205-2290 . J’aime mon travail J’espère avoir de vos nouvelles bientôt. Merci!


Found Ring Gatineau / Trouvé Bague Gatineau

Hello everyone it’s been a while since I’ve written and had a ring search. Finally a ring search. Elyse loves to horse back ride, and that day she had an appointment to go. A few days before Elyse had received a family heirloom a beautiful diamond and pearl ring. She was careful not to lose it, she removed the ring and put in her coat pocket. While galloping with the horse her jacket zip opened and her ring fell out. She was in a corral practicing so the search was confined in one area. I started the search and 15 minutes later a nice tone rang in my headphones, I removed a top layer of snow and proceeded to pinpoint. There layed a beautiful ring.  A mother who was extremely happy and a teared eye daughter. I love my work, I love the searches, and absolutely love the reaction of the person once you find that lost item and watching their reaction. If you know anyone who has lost a ring, bracelet, or any sentimental item don’t wait, call an expert. Call the Ring Finders metal detecting specialist a phone call away. Ask for Stéphane at 819 205 2290. Have a great day everyone. (Please note at the request of the family no pictures were taken of the ring and Elyse).


Bonjour à tous, Depuis un certain temps j’ai pas écrit et j’ai eux aucune une recherche de bague. Enfin une recherche de bague. Elyse adore faire du cheval, et ce jour-là, elle avait un rendez-vous pour y aller. Quelques jours avant  Elyse avait reçu en héritage une magnifique bague de diamant et Perle . Pour ne pas perdre la bague, elle a enlevé la bague et la mis dans la poche de son manteau. En galopant avec le cheval son zip de veste c’est ouverte et sa bague est tombé. Elle était dans un corral. J’ai commencé la recherche et 15 minutes plus tard le son familier sonnant  dans mes écouteurs, j’ai enlevé une couche de neige pour la localiser. La brillait une bague magnifique. Une mère qui a été extrêmement heureuse et une fille bouche bée. J’aime mon travail, j’aime les recherches et j’aime voir absolument la réaction de la personne une fois que vous avez trouvé l’item perdu et regarder leur réaction. Si vous connaissez quelqu’un qui a perdu une bague, bracelet, ou n’importe quel objet sentimental ne pas attendre, appeler un expert. Appelez le spécialiste en détection Le Ring Finder. Demandez Stéphane au 819 205 2290. Passé une bel journée tout le monde. (STP a la demande de la famille aucune photo de Elyse et de la bague a été prise).

Found Wedding Ring Ottawa / Trouvé Bague Marriage a Ottawa

On the evening of friday the 13th, Pat carried the christmas tree outside  to put it out for the trash, while we removing his glove, with a flicking of the hand his wedding band flew off into the snowbank. Soon afterward the snowplow went by. Pat and his wife started to scoop the snow and bringing it inside to melt it. After a few hours of  melting snow Pat decided to Google a professional, and this is when he called me late last night. After speaking on the phone I assured him that he was in good hands, and that I was going to meet up the following day between 9h30 and 10h00. I arrived at Pat’s home and he showed me where the ring was lost. Pat had shoveled the snow and made a pile in his driveway. I decided to search the snow pile spreaded across the laneway,  well my gut feeling was right, swinging the coil and about 45 seconds later the sound of gold rang through my headset, it said about 4 inches in the snow, I pulled out my pinpointer and searched the snow, there shining and held with a chunk of snow glistened a mens white gold ring. Pat was extremely happy and gave me a huge bear hug. I love what I do and this passionate hobby. If you know anyone who lost a ring or something valuable, call the best Ring Finder around Stephane the Ring Finder 819-332-3116 or send me a message at I use a White’s XLT for my ring searches please visit for great detectors and accessories.


Dans la soirée du vendredi 13, Pat a transporté l’arbre de Noël à l’extérieur pour la  mettre au poubelle,en enlevant son gant, avec un coups sec en secouant sa main la bague est sorti de sont doigt et a été projeté dans le banc de neige. Peu de temps après le chasse-neige est passé par la. Pat et son épouse ont commencé à ramasser la neige et amener à faire fondre à l’intérieur. Après quelques heures a fondre la neige a l’interieur Pat a decider de chercher un professionelle sur Google et ma trouvé sur le site des Ring Finders et m’a appelé tard hier soir. Après avoir parlé sur le téléphone, je lui a assuré qu’il était en de bonnes mains et que j’allais rencontrer le lendemain entre 9 h 30 et 10 h 00. Je suis arrivé à la maison de Pat et il m’a montré où l’anneau a été perdu. J’ai décidé de chercher le tas de neige répandu à travers sont entrer de cours, mon ame me disait de cherchez immediatement le tas de neige. environ 45 secondes plus tard, le bruit de l’or sonne par le biais de mon casque, la machine me disait environ 4 pouces dans la neige, j’ai retiré mon outil de recherche et fouillé la neige, la brillant et tenue avec un morceau de neige scintillée un anneau d’or blanc. Pat a été extrêmement heureux m’a donné un énorme caresse. J’aime ce que je fais et ce passe-temps passionné. Si vous connaissez quelqu’un qui a perdu un anneau ou quelque chose de précieux, appelez le meilleur chercheur d’anneau autour de Stéphane 819-332-3116 ou m’envoyer un message à

Happy Thanksgiving !

Good Evening,

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends and Ring Finder members !

I wish you all a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.  May you all be surrounded by your loved ones and people you care for.  May you enjoy the wonderful smells and tastes of a time where we give thanks for what we do have. May you be warm in your hearts, with happy times to save for your memories.   Relax.  Enjoy.  Give thanks.  Good luck on your future ring searches and be safe !


Peace to you all on this Thanksgiving,