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Heirloom Diamond & Platinum Wedding Ring Recovered -Comptche Ca.- Metal Detector Rental

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This Was Another interesting recovery with The Ring Finders.  I was called out to search for a lost wedding Ring In Comptche Ca. A small historic redwood logging town nestled in the costal forests just east of Mendocino Ca. Tad & His Wife Hadley been enjoying the outdoors in their front yard the night before she noticed her wedding band was missing from her finger. They Suspected it might be around the area of the outdoor fire pit or possibly in a meadow down the trail a bit. After renting a metal detector themselves. They searched the areas over and over with no luck.  Thats When they reached out to The Ring Finders. I got to the location after about a 5 hour drive. My Dad came along on this search to help if needed. They showed me the area in question and i began my search. After initially scanning the fire pit area with no luck, i expand the search. After about an hour i decided to try the center of the fire pit again thinking it might be hiding in amongst the countless iron nails and false signals inside the actual pit. I pulled out my small hand held pin-pointer detector and started eliminating false targets. As i started running the pin-pointer thru the ash in the center of the pit, it popped up and shown its self! I was so stoked and relived knowing how much this Ring meant to them both. I immediately turned around and showed Tad. He could hardly believe i was holding the ring in front of him and was in shock! He immediately called for his wife to share the good news. They where so grateful and very happy to have contacted me through The Ring Finders.

Thank You Tad & Hadley for the gracious reward!



Out of respect for their wishes of privacy. I did not take their pictures. But agreed to share this story. They were so elated!!

It is such a good feeling to be able to recovery something so dear to someone and thought lost forever!
















Wedding Band Recovered!!-Brooktrails Ca.- Metal Detector Rental- Recovery Specialist!

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This was an interesting recovery & reconnect with an old friend. I had just got done organizing my gem cutting work shop when I received a call from Gerasimos. He stated had Lost his wedding ring while throwing a toy for his dog along their wooded dirt driveway. He had herd there might be some kind of specialty metal detector out there that could possibly recover this keepsake, it being white gold.

He happen to see and add on Farmers Insurance talking about ” Stan Ross” a fellow Ring Finder operating in southern California. After connecting and finding The Ring Finders website. He found me, we where both stoked to reconnect after so many years! Small world.

After getting the Details and story, we met up at the search location. He described what he was doing before he noticed the ring was lost and the area it might be in. So i began my search.

   About three hours later, after scanning a vast amount of the area. I took a break and retraced the account of Gerasimos. Then i decided to use one of my own rings. Mimicking the motion to test it out, in hopes of pinpointing the location. About 30 min later i was searching the brush on left side of the drive. I spotted it!! Nestled in the pine needles and sticks.  An instant relief and sense of accomplishment rushed through me. I immediately called my daughter over to see the great news and take some pictures. She was also helping in the search.

               We surprised him with the ring and he could hardy believe it was back in his hands!! We where all so elated for this successful recovery!  Thank You for contacting The Ring Finders!

    ‘Check out Gerasimos Testimonial!’


















Lost Engagement Ring Found!Trinidad Beach- Eureka Ca. Testimonial!- Metal Detector Rental.

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      I received a text From Lisa Asking about the service and how it works.  She needed help trying to locate a her lost engagement ring. She had been vacationing on Trinidad beach just outside Eureka and lost it in the sand after sunscreening.
  After sending me details and pics of the area where it was lost.  I drove out and found the area that  she described.
I began gridding off the area with my metal detector. After gridding off about one third of the area i tried going back to the original spot she was laying out sunscreening. I noticed the tide had come up that far in the previous days.  I searched a few feet back from that location and got a solid hit on my detector. I dug down about 4 inches and there it was shinning back at me! Awesome!
I was very happy to have recovered Lisa’s custom Engagement ring.
  Lisa’s Testimonial:

I am still in disbelief that Ryson was able to find my engagement ring 10 days after I lost it on the beach during my vacation to the Northern California coast. He was very professional and is good at what he does. I lost my engagement ring when I put it on my beach blanket while putting sunscreen on and then I forgot to put it back on. When it was time to leave the beach that evening I grabbed the beach blanket and then walked 10 ft toward the ocean and shook my beach blanket out. I did not realize until 9pm that night that it was gone. I thought it was lost forever. I decided to wait until the morning to look for it and the tide had come all the way up. I looked for the ring for awhile with no success and even rented a metal detector and tried to find it. I spent at least 2 hrs the day after I lost it and two more hours the next morning looking for it with no success and ended up with sore muscles from metal detecting. Then it was time to go home and after I made it home my fiancé told me that a friend told him about the Ring Finder’s website. I texted Ryson soon after and after reading the testimonials decided to give it a try. He texted me that he was at the beach and a few hours later sent me two pictures of my ring that he found in the sand with the comment “Great News!”. It sure was. I looked at those two pictures many times after in disbelief. I have told many friends this awesome story. I definitely thought my ring was lost forever but the end of this story was a good one! I still can’t believe that Ryson found my ring! Amazing and awesome! I’m so happy to be reunited with my engagement ring! I can’t thank you enough Ryson!


Lost Custom Wedding Band Found! Red bluff CA. Testimonial.

Thank you William & Susan for contacting me thru TheRingFinders!

This was a great recovery!


William’s testimonial:

First, we want to thank Ryson from the bottom of our hearts for his quick and professional location of my wedding band.  Susan and I have worn matching bands since we were married in May, 1977- almost 44 years.  Unfortunately, I managed to lose my band over the last Thanksgiving Holiday when our kids and grandchildren were visiting.  I had been on a weight loss program for about a year and I knew that the ring was looser fitting.  Sure enough, the band fell from my finger during what I suspected was yard work.  My bad.  While I also suspected that it was lost when I was cleaning our chicken coop, we looked for it everywhere, but were unsuccessful. We were beginning to think that it had made its way into the garbage or yard waste and was under the landfill somewhere.  To say we were sad and depressed about losing the band would be gross understatement.  That was almost three months ago and we were becoming resigned to the loss.

I then remembered that some people with metal detectors had successfully searched for old coins on our property some years ago. (We live in an older Victorian.)  Further research revealed that metal detectors can locate gold objects.  So, I contacted Ryson and he agreed to conduct a search of our property Sunday (2-21-2021).  He asked some questions about my activities at home over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  He started with the chicken coop – where I had initially thought it might be – and within a few minutes he reached down about 6 inches under some hay near the coop, looked up and said “Recognize this?”  Wow!  He found it!  I will never forget the look on Susan’s face when I went into the house and showed it to her.  We are a matching pair once again.

Our gratitude to Ryson extends way beyond the modest “reward” he was paid for pulling off this personal miracle.  The object of his search can not be replaced and we were and are genuinely impressed with both his expertise and kind manner.  We would suggest only that this testimonial be entitled “Ryson to the Rescue” because he certainly did rescue us from what would have otherwise been a very sad event.

Thank you, Ryson.

Lost Wedding Band Recovered! Whiskeytown Lake.


This was a great recovery from 2020. Jason had contacted me through The Ring Finders web site.  He had lost his wedding while swimming and tossing a football around with his family. I was happy to help try and recover it for him.  After finding out details how and wear he lost it. We would need special permission for me to use a metal detector at the Wiskeytown National Park. They have a stiff policy for anyone using a metal detector in the park, and will Seize equipment with a possible heavy fine..

After informing Jason i would need written permission from a park supervisor for the search.  He got back  to me a couple days later with great news!  They had allowed a 3 hour search window for me. So at our next availability i met Jason on site and began my search in the shallow water. Fortunately he hand general area wear he thought it slipped off. After searching the suspected area with only a few junk targets found, i expanded the search area. The next target was in deeper water, about up tp my chest.  After pinpointing the target i stuck my scoop in the sand and pulled it to the surface of the water. There it was!!  His Gold Wedding band shining back at me!

Jason was in the water about 15 feet away. I slowly walked up to him to reveal the good news.. He was shocked and very happy to have his Wedding ring back!


I want to thank Jason for the reward.  And  thank the supervisors and staff at Whiskeytown National Park that made this recovery possible!  Best Wishes!









Heirloom Diamond Wedding Ring Recovered! Fall River Mills, CA

I was contacting by e-mail through The Ring Finders page by a women that had lost three rings in a local swimming hole she frequented often. After coming back in to the shallow’s.  She took off her swim gloves, while talking to a family member they slipped right off her ring finger into the water…  Apparently she had ordered a water proof pin pointer detector to locate the lost rings herself, to no avail. Thats when she contacted me and asked if i could help recover them.


I started my search the next day. When i got to the search area, the water was about to my stomach and the bottom was very muddy and hard to even walk in!

.   After about a few hours of fighting with the muck and dozen’s of trash targets it wasn’t looking good..  I thought it was possible the rings had been pushed

too far into the muck form her and  my search efforts.  After coming back from lunch i went for round 2.  I decided to go a little farther out than she remembered loosing them. After the first good target i stuck my scoop into the deep muddy bottom and dumped it on the bank. Boom! There was one of the rings!!

Her mothers heirloom engagement ring that had been passed down to her.. I was stoked and she could hardly believe it!

    I searched a couple more hours in the same spot, but could not locate the other 2 rings.

A 10 diamond white gold engagement ring from her husband and gold band. We decided to resume the search the next day. Ultimately after three more full days of searching  in the same spot i was not able to recover the other rings. Unfortunately, it is most likely they were pushed too far into the muck to recover.

Although it was not a full recovery.  She was very happy to have her mothers ring back,  it meant the most sentimentally to her and irreplaceable!

Youtube:  The Treasure Seeker.    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWovoX52cTyRzPbu7K9b0_g

Lost Gold Bullion Cache Found! – Mendocino county.


I’m so elated about this recovery!

It was a Friday evening when i got the call from George. He had found The Ring Finders service online after a friend mentioned it to him. George needed to locate a lost gold bullion cache and was told that The Ring Finders is the place to find a recovery specialist to relocate it.

It had been some years since his cache was buried. George was doing some earth moving with heavy equipment. After widening and flattening a small trail next to his house he realized he had unearthed and misplaced his buried cache. After moving and spreading the dirt down a hill he had no idea where the cache had ended up.  Before contacting me to do a search they had tried to extensively search the location with rakes and a homemade metal detector themselves. With no success. The following day, after i was contacted, I met up with George at the search location on his property. We agreed on my reward if the cache was found and i started my search.  I was about 3 hours into the search and digging nothing but nails, larger pieces of iron and fencing wire. I was starting to think the excess of junk close to the surface was masking any good deeper signals. So i kept digging all the trash signals i came across hoping to clean up the search area (to better pinpoint wear the gold cache might be located). After another hour of digging with no success, i took a lunch break with George. He was kind enough to offer me a homegrown organic lunch form his garden! We spoke for a while about different topics and after lunch he was starting to think i wouldn’t find the cache and was preparing himself mentally for that. I told him I would not be giving up yet and that i intended to locate it. So back to dirt fishing i went! I rescanned the whole area i had combed through before with no real banging signals that a gold cache would be giving off. I was starting to get a little discouraged after a whole day of searching when, i decided to re-scan the exact location the cache was originally buried. I moved up the hill past that location a few feet thinking the heavy machinery could have pushed the cache backwards while backing up from the slope. The first signal i got in that area was clear enough to dig. I put my digger into the ground and instantly heard broken glass. I continued digging, broken glass and pieces of plastic were coming out of the hole and surrounding area. It always happens when you least expect it to! I started to get real excited because the description of the cache was of a glass mason jar inside a plastic planting pot! I dug about 8 inches down and there it was! All smashed up and spread out, four one ounce gold maple leaf’s and two one ounce gold bars!! I did it! My first gold cache recovery. It’s hard to describe the feeling of recovering something like this but it was awesome! Next, I surprised George with it. I walked into his house and dropped it on the table. He could hardly believe it and was short for words! He had just about given up on ever having it in his possession again, but there it was! I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to help someone recover what is precious to them.





This was my reward.







One ounce gold maple leaf !  Awesome…

Lost engagement ring found at Stonyford Rodeo grounds.

I received an e-mail from Kayla, through The Ring Finders website. She stated that she was swimming in about five feet of water in a pond in Stonyford CA. When she got in past her shoulders she tried to turn around to avoid going in over her head. That’s when the ring slipped off!

So the search was on! I agreed to meet Kayla on site as soon as possible. After giving me the general location I began my search.  It started off slow. I was getting serious electrical interference  from a well pump and conduit that was about 25 feet away from the search area. Also at the bottom of the pond was a lot of decomposing vegetation. Witch made it difficult to get my scoop into to recover targets.

After about an hour of adjusting frequency and changing coils i was able to get the interference to a minimum. I searched the area for about another three to four hours and recovered only a handful of targets. A few pull tabs, foil, and some baling wire.

I took a short break, and that’s when Kayla’s fiancé said he thought it might be more to the left of the area Kayla first directed me to. So I jumped back in! My first signal was a solid 61 62 on my garret at pro. I thought it was gonna be another pull tab. But when I pulled my scoop out, there it was! A beautiful diamond and white gold engagement ring!

I immediately got back to shore and surprised Kayla! She was very very happy and in shock that it was back in her hands.

I was happy to recover this Ring for Kayla and will never get tired of searching and finding items thought lost forever!






Lost diamond engagement ring found in Redway Ca.

I recently received a call from Garnet and her husband Erin. They heard of my service from a friend who saw The Ring Finders rack card I set up on a bulletin board in Shelter Cove. The couple had lost two rings; a diamond engagement ring and a diamond wedding ring. The couple explained that they regretfully lost the rings during an argument (they were thrown towards a truck in the driveway). Days later, using their own metal detector, they found the smaller half of the interlocking wedding ring poking out of the dirt in their driveway. They kept trying to find the other rings but to no avail. Then during the search, an heirloom yellow gold and garnet ring was lost when it fell off her finger. A double ring search! The following week, I arrived to their driveway in Redway, California. They told me the details of where they found the wedding ring and that they had heard at least one if not both rings hit the side of the truck and bounce. Behind the truck and the long driveway, was a large patch of thick ivy and trees. I started a grid search where the rings were thrown from. I searched for about four hours. I finally got a solid ring signal (51-53 on my Garrett AT Gold metal detector)! There it was, the lost garnet ring under  the leaf litter. Shortly after, Garnet pulled up again in her car and I presented the ring to her. She was happy! It was good start, but we had more work to do.


I continued my search of the area and into the ivy for about another three hours with no luck.  Finally, we agreed that I would continue the search in the morning.  The following day I continued the search into the ivy and other parts of the rocky gravel driveway. I searched for about four more hours  before calling it a day. I explained to Garnet and her husband  I had searched the area well and was sorry but I could not recover their other missing ring. They were still happy I found one of the rings and kind enough to still give me reward but, still wanted me back the following week for another search.  I agreed! The following week I expanded my search area further. About 45 minutes later I got a strong ring signal on the edge of the driveway  in between the ivy and eroding pavement. I bent down with my pin pointer and the signal was under a flat oval rock that had recently been driven over. I flipped the rock over and checked the hole, it was deeper so i grabbed my spade and stuck it in the spot to turn the dirt up and out it popped!  A beautiful diamond ring!  This was  great recovery. Thank you to Garnet and Erin for having me back again. Looks like third time was a charm. Also, thank you for the reward!








Diamond necklace found at Mendocino Headlands.

I received a call from Alex on Monday afternoon stating that him and his wife were visiting the Mendocino Headlands that previous Saturday, in the historic town of  Mendocino. He informed me that his wife had lost her 14k white gold Dimond pendent with necklace somewhere on their short hike. They parked on the west side of Main Street  and walked the path down to the rocky tide pools. They suspected that it could have fell off in the tall grass next to wear the parked, and that they spent most of their time by the tide pools.

So I started my search in the semi tall grass along the shoulder of wear they parked and started there hike. I detected that area for about  an hour with no results. I decided to slowly walk the path they took down to the rocks. Once at the rocky tide pools I decided to visually scan the area and tied pools knowing I would most likely spot the necklace if it was in that area.

About half an hour later i spotted it !!  It was laying at the base of a rock in one of the higher tide pools. I was very happy to have recovered this item for Alex and his wife. My first call out with The Ring Finders was a success !!  Alex and his wife were very happy and could hardly believe the great news!