Rick French, Author at The Ring Finders

Found Wedding Ring – Oreland, Pa

  • from Ambler (Pennsylvania, United States)

Last Friday night we received a text from Serena to say that her husband’s wedding band slid off his finger while outside in the bitter cold.   Problem was it landed in 4″ of fresh snow.  We agreed to meet up in their backyard the very next morning for our first ever snow hunt.  After getting the particulars – location where they thought the ring landed and the material of the ring, the search was on.  It lasted all of 20 seconds – success!  Another satisfied customer of the AMDC.


Found Ring – Ambler, Pa

  • from Ambler (Pennsylvania, United States)

We received a text from Ali Behr last Sunday evening to say that her husband Colin had lost his ring earlier that day and could we help.  But of course, and we met them the next morning at 9:30 behind their house.  Colin informed us that he was disposing of rotting pumpkins back in the woods for the deer to eat and showed us exactly where he thought the ring had fallen off.  He barely made it back to the house when we located said ring.  Another satisfied customer of the AMDC.

Lost Ring, Found Ring in Wyndmoor, Pa

  • from Ambler (Pennsylvania, United States)

We received a call from Phoebe to say that she had lost her ring last weekend right off of her back steps.  After searching for some time through leaves and debris, she was unable to locate, so she decided to call in the pros.  We too were unable to locate the ring in the area where said she may have lost it.  After further investigative questions our search moved to the other side of her steps, and low and behold the ring was located. Happy to be able to help with this search and to be of service.


Lost Wedding Ring in Ambler, Pa…Found

  • from Ambler (Pennsylvania, United States)

Got a text from Sharon on Wednesday night saying that her engagement ring fell off while at her daughter’s soccer practice.  We agreed to meet the following evening at the field, and within 10 minutes of being on the job, we were able to locate her ring.  Tears of joy flowed – another satisfied customer of the AMDC.

Lost Ring in Chestnut Hill – Philadelphia…Found!

  • from Ambler (Pennsylvania, United States)

I reached out to Rick after losing my ring at a 4th of July party, back in my hometown of Philadelphia.  He was scheduled to come out the next day, yet the weather did not cooperate.  Since I no longer live in the Philly area, I unfortunately had to wait until Labor for a redo.  Rick came out to the spot on the property where I knew I lost my ring, and in 30 seconds the ring was found.  Thank you again for communicating with me and for locating my ring – very happy!


Wedding Band Lost – Glenside, Pa…Found

  • from Ambler (Pennsylvania, United States)

May 18, 2023

Received a voicemail this morning from our next search opportunity John.  John mentioned that his wife was throwing the football with their neighbor’s grandson and realized that her wedding band had come off.   My cohort John and I were able to take a run over to the other John’s house a few hours later to do a search.  Took all of 20 minutes to find his wife Eleanor’s ring – another satisfied customer of the AMDC!

Found My Mother’s Ring…Doylestown, Pa

  • from Ambler (Pennsylvania, United States)

I received a call from Rose to say that she lost her mother’s wedding ring that she wore while gardening over the weekend.  My sidekick John and I were able to meet up with her to see where she may have lost the ring.  Rose told us that she had taken off her gloves to blow her nose and thought that was when she may have lost it.  After walking the nature trails with her for about 20 minutes I got the signal that I was looking for and low and behold it was right at my feet under some wood chips.   When I picked it up to show her, she was so ecstatic, tears of joy.  Finding the ring and seeing her face is what makes being a member of Ringfinders a very rewarding endeavor.

Vintage Family Ring Found…Souderton, Pa

  • from Ambler (Pennsylvania, United States)

I lost a vintage family ring while mowing the lawn. I contacted Rick after finding his info on The Ringfinders website. Rick responded quickly and was over the very next morning at 8:00 am with his buddy John. My ring and I were reunited in short order and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I would recommend both the Ringfinders service, and Rick and John to anyone around the Delaware Valley who may have lost a valuable. Thank you Rick and John!


Lost Ring near Philadelphia, PA…I can help you with your lost valuables!!!

  • from Ambler (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lose a valuable or important piece of jewelry? I will help you find it. I cover Philadelphia, Pa and surrounding areas, searching yards, fields, along with parks, schools and private property (with permission).