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Hearing aid lost in St Paul, MN – Now found!

from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-206-930-7228

Jenny was pulling weeds and planting flowers 10 days ago and, after finishing her work, she noticed that her hearing aid was not in her pocket where she had put it. She knew it had to be somewhere in her front yard because she had both hearing aids on while working and placed them both in her sweater pocket right after she finished her gardening while still out in the yard. Later that day only one hearing aid was in the pocket.

Knowing that hearing aids are not easy to find, I invited a buddy come help me search. Fortunately, he found it just off the front sidewalk of Jenny’s house tucked under some grass.

Jenny was thrilled to get the hearing aid back. This particular pair was very expensive.




Woman’s white gold wedding band lost in St. Paul – Now found!

from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-206-930-7228

Jeanine was walking to her car on a cold snowy day in St. Paul and fell. When she got up and shook off her bare hands, she shook off more than the snow.

It was a very quick we recovery. We found the ring within minutes. Jeanine was very happy to get the ring back on her finger!

Beautiful Claddagh lost in Red Wing, MN – Now Found!

from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-206-930-7228

Dana had just finished a lot of gardening in her yard, when she noticed that her gold Claddagh ring was no longer on her finger.  She and her husband searched all over the big yard, but they couldn’t find it and didn’t have any idea where it could have been lost.  Dana’s ring fit her well and she had never lost it before.

The only part of the day that was unusual was when Dana tripped over a rock and fell into some bushes, so that is where Dana’s husband and I began the search.  We hit that area hard, but got no hits.  Next, we searched around the areas where Dana was pulling weeds and, again, got no hits.

Because we had no luck in the bushes and where the weeds were pulled, we decided to switch gears and search the grass.  After about a half hour of searching the grass, I got a strong signal that sounded really good.  It was the Claddagh ring hidden in the grass!

It’s really amazing how easily a gold ring can hide in grass.  You couldn’t see this ring even if you were on your hands and knees looking right at the spot where it lay.

Dana couldn’t be there to see the ring found, but her husband said that she’d be very happy to get it back.

Big white gold wedding band lost on an island in Hudson, WI – Now Found!

from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-206-930-7228

Bryan boated to an island on a lake in Hudson, WI for a fun day with friends and ended losing one of his prized possessions: his heirloom wedding band!

Bryan was standing on the shore of the island while throwing a football to one of his friends who was 20 feet away from him in the water when he suddenly noticed that his ring was gone. Everyone searched the water and dry sand, but the ring was nowhere to be found.

Three days later and after searching the internet for someone that looks for lost rings, Bryan sent me an email.  I explained to him that the sooner I started searching for the ring, the better chance we had of finding it.  Bryan had to work the following day, so I contacted a fellow Ring Finder who had a boat and we headed out to search for the ring the following morning.  We searched for about 3 hours and removed a lot of pull tabs, coins and aluminum can pieces, but we weren’t able to get our metal detectors over the ring.  The ride back to the boat launch was a long one.

I called Bryan that afternoon and let him know about the heavy amounts of trash at the site and that, in order to find the ring, we had to have him present.  Bryan was able to meet us the following afternoon and the three us boated back to the island.

Bryan showed us right where he was standing when he was throwing the football and that was the key to our success.  Within three minutes of searching, I had Bryan’s ring in my scoop!  Bryan was overjoyed and we all had a great ride back to the boat launch.

Huge men’s gold and diamond ring lost in Cottage Grove, MN for four years – Now found!

from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-206-930-7228

Gene was working in his garden and carrying new plants to it from the garage.  Shortly after he finished with the garden, he noticed that his large gold and diamond ring was not on his finger.  His normal habit was to put the ring in his pocket, but the ring could have somehow fallen off his finger while he was working or it could have been lost in the garden or lost somewhere else soon after Gene finished working in the garden.  Gene wondered about this for four years.

Because he was planning to do some landscape changes, Gene decided to contact The Ring Finders to make sure his ring was not somewhere in his back yard.  I got the call from Gene and we decided do the hunt a couples of days later.

We both figured the most likely spot was the garden, so we started there.  After about 45 minutes of digging small aluminum items and a penny while covering the garden well, we moved on to the grass.  I hunted the grass covering all of the areas where Gene walked that day to and from the garden.  I dug a dime, a penny and some more aluminum items; and when we were both starting to think the ring wasn’t there, I got a strong signal 2 inches down.

I dug a little bit of the grass and dirt away and saw the unmistakable glimmer of gold!  The ring was lying flat and I had barely uncovered it.  I said to Gene ‘Look at this!’, but he wasn’t thinking it was the ring.  So I said ‘I’m not digging it.  You dig it, it’s your ring.’  That started to make Gene a believer and he squatted down to take a peak and dug his ring out of the ground four years after losing it!


Gorgeous platinum and diamond engagement ring lost in Richfield, MN – Now found!

from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-206-930-7228

Colleen and her fiance had just finished raking, bagging and setting bagged leaves out in the road in front of their house when Colleen noticed that her platinum engagement ring was no longer on her finger; so they immediately put the bags of leaves in the garage and started searching.

They searched everywhere: the back yard where they bagged the leaves, the spot in the backyard where they temporarily set the bags, in front of the house where they placed the the bags to be picked up.  They even dumped out and searched two of the bags of leaves, but they still came up empty-handed.  So they purchased a metal detector to help in the search, but the metal detector was beeping at everything and didn’t have much depth.  That’s when they decided call for help.

I got the call the following day and made arrangements to come out and find the ring that evening.  Colleen was visibly upset and I knew we had to find it.  First I gridded the front yard, but came up with nothing.  The same thing happened with the back yard and out by the street.  That left just two places where the ring could still be found: inside the garage in one of the bags or in the leaves from one of the bags still spread out on the garage floor.

I first searched the leaves on the floor and the ring was not there.  So we decided to see if we could detect the ring in any of the bags full of leaves without dumping them out.  I got a good solid hit on the first bag we tried and told Colleen that this was probably her ring.  So I dumped the leaves out on the floor and found the solid signal: a large piece of foil!   This was very disheartening to us all.  What were the chances that a large piece of foil would be in that bag?

I continued to search the dumped out leaves from that same bag and very quickly got another solid signal.  I let Colleen and her fiance know that it could be the ring, but I really didn’t want to get their hopes up again only to find another piece of foil.  I uncovered the object in the leaves and exclaimed This sure looks nice and shiny to me!’.  And, sure enough, it was Colleen’s engagement ring!

Interesting to note: they had emptied and searched that same bag that we found the ring in.  They emptied it on the garage floor, searched the leaves and bagged them them back up.

We were all thrilled to see the ring back on Colleen’s finger!









Man’s gold wedding band lost in Bloomington, MN – Now found!

from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-206-930-7228

It was a warm day for November in Minnesota – about 65 degrees.  I got a call in the late afternoon and told Evan’s wife I’d leave soon and get there by 6:00.  It was nice out, so I decided to do something a little different and take my 1966 Corvette on the 35-mile drive to find the lost ring.

Evan was playing with his kids in the leaves he had just raked off his backyard deck when he noticed that his ring was gone.  He and his wife searched the area as best as they could, but just couldn’t find the ring.

The search took all of about 10 minutes.  Evan was thrilled to get his ring back and, being a previous Corvette owner himself, wanted his picture taken with the car!



Beautiful platinum and diamond tennis bracelet lost in St. Paul, MN – Now Found!

from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-206-930-7228

Well, this was the fastest and easiest lost jewelry search I’ve ever been a part of.  I really didn’t have to do anything but show up!

Julie woke up Sunday morning to find that the platinum and diamond tennis bracelet that she always wore and was given to her by her husband, was gone.  She freaked out and searched everywhere at her home but not finding it eventually made her realize that she must have lost it the night prior in St. Paul, at her friend’s house.

Julie called me Monday afternoon and we agreed to meet a few hours later at the friend’s house.  I got there early and sat in my car waiting for her.  After a few minutes of waiting, I saw Julie walking towards my car so I proceeded to get out and meet her.  As I was getting out of my car, I heard a shout of glee as Julie noticed the bracelet sitting in the street a few feet behind my car!

The bracelet had sat for approximately 40 hours in the road on a busy neighborhood street!  I was very happy for Julie.  She was very fortunate to get her lost bracelet back!ptbracelet1


Lady’s white gold 3-ring set lost in Hudson, WI while kayaking – Now found!

from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-206-930-7228

Marie and her husband Zack were on a guided kayaking trip down a small river in WI when Marie got swept into a swift and deep part of the river that had low-hanging branches blocking the way.  She had no choice but to go through and duck as best she could to avoid getting hurt by the branches.

As Marie was doing her best to get herself and her kayak out of trouble, the kayak tipped over and she went sprawling into the river.  She made it to shore, dumped the water out of her kayak and started again on her journey down the river.

A few hundred yards past the spot where she went in, Marie discovered that her 3 rings welded together were missing and let Zack know the bad news.  She was certain that the most likely spot the rings were lost was back up stream where she went in.

Zack call me 6 days later and told me the story.  I knew that the hunt wasn’t going to be an easy one and Zack said it was a bit of a hike to get to the site, so I contacted two buddies who also have a lot of experience searching for rings.  The more people searching, the better the chances a ring will be found – especially in a river.

Zack met us in town near the river and we followed him to the a parking spot about 3/4 mile away from the search site.  We got on our waders, got our gear together and walked through some little-used trails and across the river to the spot where Marie’s kayak tipped over.  I was surprised how fast and how deep the water was at this particular spot. We knew some of the water was too deep to search, but we covered every bit we could.

It was Mike who eventually found the rings by taking off his waders and going deeper into the river.  He found it right where the kayak likely tipped over: immediately after the low-hanging branches.  Zack was thrilled and gave us a generous reward.

I was really impressed by Zack’s effort to get his wife’s rings back.  He was very determined and really thought things through.  Below are pictures of Zack and the rings.



Lady’s white gold engagement and wedding rings lost in Eau Galle, WI – Now found!

from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-206-930-7228

Sam was playing volleyball in the water with friends and family when her rings that were welded together flew off her finger and into the water as she was setting the ball.  Everyone did the best they could to find rings, but came up empty-handed after a few hours of searching.

Sam called me up and left a message so I texted her and we made plans for me and a buddy to meet her husband and his friend at the lake the following day, a Thursday.

We thought it would be an easy hunt, but there was quite a bit of iron in the lake bottom making it hard to pick up targets.  Another problem we had was we were both using the same kind of metal detector and they were interfering with each other, making it hard to pick up signals.  We searched for a few hours and had to give up because it was getting dark.

The next day, we made plans to meet there again around 11:00 and to bring scuba gear in case the ring was deeper than we thought.  We got there around 9:30, that following Saturday – two buddies and me – to get started early.

Mike stayed out of the water to avoid interference while Matt and I gridded the area for about 45 minutes.  We were getting worried that we weren’t going to find the ring when Mike decided to join us.  He entered the water and immediately dug the ring in about 4 feet of water!

Sam and her husband pulled up right when we were getting dried off and packing the gear back into the vehicle.  Sam was super thrilled to get her ring back and we were all thrilled to give it to her!