Reese Burnett, Author at The Ring Finders

Big Platinum Mens Wedding Band Lost in RoseVille, MN – Now Found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Will was doing all kinds of yard work in his big back yard when, after a few hours, he noticed that is wedding ring was missing. He looked all over for it, but just couldn’t find it. He told his brother about it and his bother said ‘We have the internet. Google “lost ring finder” and see who can come look for it.’ That’s how Will knew to contact me.

Will texted me and I had to tell him I was sick and couldn’t come look for couple days. I decided that the best thing to do was to ask a buddy to go search. He searched for about two hours with no luck and a lot of mosquito bites.

Knowing that the yard was really big, I decided to bring two friends (and bug spray) to help search and, after about 45 minutes,  Susanne found it in the woods about 20 feet outside the back yard fence. The ring must have gone flying while Will was tossing branches over the fence.

It really does pay to get to get help when hunting for a ring lost in a big area. John and I were happy, but Susanne and Will were absolutely thrilled.


Black tungsten wedding band lost in Woodbury, MN – Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

It was really cold and there was snow on the ground and Jordan was shaking snow off his hand when he felt his ring go flying off somewhere into the snow. Jordan contacted me soon after and we searched his back yard and surrounding area thoroughly several times to no avail. After the snow melted, it was Jordan who found the ring. It had flown much farther than either of us thought possible. It was in the grass by a patio two units down!

Beautiful platinum and diamond wedding set lost in New Richmond, WI – Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Natasha took her dog for training at a church and then went to get some some lunch. That was when she notice that her rings were gone. They are big and heavy platinum and are soldered together. She went back to the church and checked the parking lot and inside the church but couldn’t find the rings.

Natasha messaged me the next morning and I agreed to meet her at the church that afternoon. I started searching about 20 feet from where Natasha had parked her car and worked toward where she got out of the car. After about 40 minutes of searching I found the ring buried about an inch down in the mud.

Natasha thrilled to get her ring back!

Yellow gold wedding band lost in Roseville, MN – Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Zach was walking his dog in his yard in the snow when, after shaking snow off his hands, he noticed that his wedding band was missing. He rented a metal detector to find it, but came up empty-handed. He contacted 4 days later and I met him at his house the following morning.

We searched the obvious spot (where Zach shook his hands) and spread out about 10 feet from that spot. Having no luck, we decided to grid search the front, back and side yards but still no ring. As a last resort I asked Zach to rake all the snow away from two metal poles that were in his front yard. While Zach raked, I searched a couple less likely spots and found the ring near the house and about 15 feet away from where Zach shook his hands. Neither of us thought the ring could have flown that far! Next time I get the chance to search for a ring, I will search a little farther out from the most likely spot.

Zach was very happy to have his ring back on his finger.


Gold wedding band lost in New Brighton, MN – Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Billy was doing some garden cleanup in his back yard. He put his wedding ring in his pocket but, after taking a break on his deck, he checked his pocket and the ring was gone. He looked all over the yard and even rented a metal detector but couldn’t find the ring.

After about 2 months, Billy texted me. The ground was frozen, but we decided it would be better to find it sooner rather than later. I searched the garden area first with no hits but found the ring half buried on the frozen dirt just under the grass next to the garden. I was glad that ring wasn’t going to be outside all winter long!

Big hematite wedding band lost in Cottage Grove, MN – Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Shane was making snow angels in his back yard after a big snow when he lost his wedding band. He texted me soon after, but we decided that, since warmer weather was on the way, we’d wait until the snow melted before attempting a search.

It was a cold and windy 21 degree evening when I came to search, but almost all of the snow was gone. It took about 10 minutes to find it and I saw Shane’s wife in the window literally jumping for joy when I gave the ring back to Shane.


White gold wedding ring lost in Apple Valley, MN – Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Michael was snow blowing his driveway after a big snow. After discovering that his ring was missing, he was pretty sure that he’d lost while taking a break to get his car unstuck in the driveway. He looked for the ring for while and then decide to text me.

I left the house about 20 minutes after Mike texted me. It was an easy recovery. Michael had snow blown the ring into a pile next to the driveway. The ring came in loud and clear when I got the metal detector coil over it.

It’s always a great feeling to reunite a lost ring with its owner!





Beautiful platinum diamond engagement ring lost in St Paul – Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Makayla was doing fall yard cleanup in her back yard when she noticed that her engagement ring was missing. She and her fiance searched everywhere but couldn’t find it.

I got a text mid afternoon the next day and agreed to come out right away to search for the ring. The yard had a surprising amount of coins barely under the surface, which forced me to go slow and carefully check around the high tones that coins always give for the low tone of a platinum ring. After searching the yard and the flower beds, I was beginning to think that I was going to have to dig out all of the coins out, in case they were hiding the ring. But instead, I asked Makayla if she happened to have been in the chicken coup yesterday when the ring was lost. Makayla said ‘yes’, so I went in there with the chickens to search.

Makayla said the chickens would not bother me and she was right. The chickens were quite polite and moved out of may way as I searched. I’ve had chickens before and some of mine were quite mean and territorial. After about five minutes, I got the low tone I was looking for and found the ring slightly covered by chicken doo-doo. I said goodbye to the chickens, exited the chicken coup and showed Makayla the ring I had found while asking her ‘Did the ring look anything like this?’.

Makayla was very happy to see her ring again. She put it right back on her finger, but I had to ask her to take it off again for the picture. It was great to see Makayla get her ring back from those chickens!

I smelled chicken doo-doo while driving home, but it was worth it!

Custom gold ring lost in Pepin, MN – Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Levon was shaking some snow off of his hand when the ring flew off his finger and got lost in the snow. He waited until the snow melted and bought a metal detector to help find it, but the detector was beeping all time so it was no help.

I came out the same day Levon called and searched the area to no avail. That left only one spot: a small planter box near where the ring was lost. We (actually Levon) found the ring inside the planter box among a bunch of leaves! It was great to see that ring back where it belonged.



High end hearing aid lost in Lakeville, MN – Now found!

  • from Saint Paul (Minnesota, United States)

Paul was clearing brush at one of his favorite deer hunting sites when he noticed one of his hearing aids was missing. After searching for a while, he drove to the local metal detecting store to see about renting a metal detector.  The store owner explained to Paul that it takes some time to get used to using a metal detector and recommended that he call me instead.

I met Paul the morning after he called me and brought a friend along to help and make the odds for success better. After about an hour searching, we found the $2,900 hearing aid directly under Paul’s deer stand. It was great to save Paul the huge expensive of replacing it.