James Badgett

Lost ring found in Alameda

  • from Castro Valley (California, United States)

I received a call on Sunday, from Mark. He had lost his wedding ring on Saturday. He was wondering if I would come out on Sunday and search for his ring.

I said “sure.”  He had lost it at Crown beach, in Alameda. I know that, that beach is searched a lot. So the ring needed to get found. We agreed to meet in a half hour.

After finding a parking spot(forgot that parking is terrible on nice days), I located Mark, and he showed me what he was doing and were he thought it went.

After 15 minutes I expanded the search and found it. Mark was pleased to say the least.


Lost ring found in Modesto

  • from Castro Valley (California, United States)

I was contacted by D.S. by e-mail. She had lost her diamond ring in a park on the 1st of January. She stated that she and her husband had tried a metal detector, but to no avail.  She was feeling that someone had found it

I told her that it takes a bit of experience and knowledge to operate metal detector. Also I said its not likely someone had found it. You knew where it was lost and couldn’t find it. It’s not likely anyone spotted it.

We met at the park on Saturday afternoon. I arrived early, and text her I had arrived. She text me a general description of the area where the ring was lost.

I started searching. She arrived a little later. Then she showed me the spot, that she remembered being at. I swept the area and didn’t find it. She had to go pick up her son. I told her no problem.

I switched to a smaller loop and searched the area close to a chain link fence.  A couple steps in, I picked up a signal over the interference that the fence was causing. It was the ring.

I sent D.S. a picture. She couldn’t believe I found it. She asked how I found it?  I responded “I have a metal detector.”  She said “right.”

She admitted that she didn’t think I’d find it.  After the first sweep, she left because she didn’t want to cry in front of me. I told her I understood. She was very happy. To say the least.


Lost ring in Dublin CA, found.

  • from Castro Valley (California, United States)

Last Thursday at 730 pm, just when I was getting ready to start a meeting for the “Original California Searchers”, my phone rings.  Its a gentleman name Tony and while coaching his son’s soccer team he had lost his wedding ring.  He had purchased a metal detector, at a local store, and was not able to find the ring on his own.  So he googled “lost ring” and came apon “The Ring Finders”. He asked if I could help him.  I sat up a time to meet the next day.  We met at the park and Tony went over what he done and where the previous day.  I spent 15 to 20 minutes searching the area he played goalie to get a feel for the trash level, and to see if I could get a little lucky.

I determined I would need to set up a grid  and use a smaller loop(to many pull tabs and coins).  I set up the grid and dug everything that was in the gold range and with in 3 inches of the surface.  I found a half dozen targets, but no ring in the first three rolls.  I dug a couple of quarters on a second sweep just to make sure I was getting good readings(I felt the ring would be in one of these rows).

Then I searched the last row of my first grid.  Near the center, of my fist grid pattern’s fourth row, I got a solid 45 on the surface.  It was Tony’s  ring (the last row in fact),  I got a solid 45 near the surface.   Tony did a good job of putting me in the right area.   Oh by the way, I did have aconcern that the park might of be searched in morning by the retired gang.  A group of reired men that go out and hunt in the morning.  They hunt dublin parks mostly.

Ring lost in El Sobrante, backyard.

  • from Castro Valley (California, United States)

About 6:20 last night(30th) I get a e-mail titled “lost ring in backyard” .  A gentleman asked if I could search for his ring.  I responded “love to”.  After a e-mail exchange We met up at his house.  He was making mud packs with his daughter, and it came off.

Well I thought it would be a quick scan and done.  I picked up two spots that had the right sound but not vary easy to repeat.  I choose the one that had the best tone.  It turned out to be aluminum and nails.  The second spot had sounded like iron nails with a little hint of foil.   I pin pointed and came up a nail.  I swepted the hole again, and this time it sounded more like gold.  But I got another nail.  So I re-pin pointed and this time I came up with the wedding ring.

I was surprized by the amount of nails in a spot that the gentleman and his daughter had just used to make mud.

Lost Ring in Castro Valley, Califorina

  • from Castro Valley (California, United States)

Hello my name is James Badgett and I joined The Ring Finders Directory of metal detecting specialists to help people in Castro Valley and the surrounding area find their lost rings.  If you have lost something special and need it found please contact me ASAP and I’ll do my best to find what you thought wa lost forever.

Thanks and I look forward to helping you!


James Badgett