Simon Cox, Author at The Ring Finders

Heavy Silver ring recovered

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I received a call from Polly who’s daughter had lost her heavy silver ring in a field whilst playing at a friends house.

The heavy silver ring was located in a clump of long grass by my Equinox 800, it was a good strong signal, and rung up around 35.

Precious watch recovered

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I was contacted by James this morning hoping I could find the lost watch his son had lost after he fell off the bike he was riding in a field the previous evening .
Upon arrival they showed me the rough area of his fall , my Equinox 800 with the stock coil fitted located the precious watch within 15 minutes, it is always great to see the happy relived smiles of of someone being reunited with their property , all thanks to ring finders .com


Lost wedding ring on Walmer beach

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I was contacted yesterday by Lee via ring who had lost his white gold wedding ring whilst playing in the sea 0n Walmer beach with his children a couple of days ago .
We arranged to meet in the car park this morning, and Lee showed me the location of the loss , he was very concerned that due to the very steep shingle bank around the area that recovery would be nigh on impossible , the tide was going out , and at the time only 2 or 3 meters of wet shingle from the high tide mark were clear of water , I gridded out the area and after about 10 minutes of searching my Equinox 800 hit on a target reading 20-22 , one sand scoop later and there was a nice silvery coloured ring showing on the shingle, Lee was amazed his precious wedding band had been recovered so easily and quickly from such a steep shingle bank , he recalled that the very strong current had pulled him down the bank and he had to thrust his hands into the shingle to stop himself being dragged into deeper water , this was the very moment Lee realised his wedding ring had been pulled from his finger .

Another person reunited with their lost wedding ring all thanks to ring web site

West Wittering sun baker

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I was contacted by Jonathan about 10 days ago via Ring finders , he had just lost his Platinum wedding band whist enjoying a family day out at West Wittering beach in West Sussex .
I told him I was able to help recover his ring , as parking is only by pre booking the earliest he could get was the 30th June !!
I met Jonathan on site early this morning, his face dropped when he saw the area of beach his ring was lost on , as all the sand ( around 2ft deep had been scrapped down to hard pan , only just turned my Equinox on and had a small target immediately which turned out to be an rusty bottle cap, as I bent down to retrieve it my eye saw a silver coloured ring a few inches away laying in about 1/4 inch of fine white sand , I picked the ring up and asked Jonathan if this was his lost wedding ring , he confirmed it was , he was astounded the ring was able to be found after all the tonnes of sand had been removed , my motto is “ if you don’t look you will never find “ , another overjoyed person reunited with their lost ring thanks to Ring finders .com

Lost gold signet ring recovered

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I was contacted last night by Andrew who had lost his gold signet ring whilst mucking about with his mates on a riverbank , arranged to meet this afternoon, and after a stroll through water meadows we arrived at the riverbank the ring was lost on , my Equinox 800 soon hit on a steady repeatable 17 , a quick fingertip search and there was Andrews lost signet ring , who was amazed at the speedy recovery, as he was pretty certain the ring had come off in the water after been dragged into the river by his mates .
Another ring reunited with its grateful owner thanks to the ring finders website.

Lost Gold wedding band recovered from a Hove beach

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I received a call from Jean – Francois last Tuesday 16th June , his large Gold wedding band had slipped off his finger whist swimming in the sea at Hove , the previous evening .

I arranged to meet JF on the beach the following day , when the tide was low , JF was able to locate the approximate area of beach and a short while later my Equinox 800 hit on a target , which had a steady reading of 16 , a couple of scoops later and a JF was reunited with his large Gold wedding band , the look of happiness on his face said it all , it’s moments like this that makes our hobby so rewarding .

Unique silver ring recovered

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I got a call from Tim last Thursday via Ring finders , Tim had lost his very unique and sentimental silver ring , he wasn’t sure if it was lost on a bike ride or in his garden in Welling SE London , I arranged to meet Tim at his home the following morning , about 10 minutes of searching , and his ring was recovered from long grass near his log store , Tim was overjoyed and said if it wasn’t for social distancing he would have given me a big hug  .

Recovery of large gold ring

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

Yesterday evening I was contacted by Luke who had lost his large 18 K wedding band on a campsite near Hassocks Sussex ,we agreed to meet early this morning ,Luke showed me the area where they had camped , there were lots of targets in such a small area , but realising the ring would be in the grass , I ignored all targets over 3” , within 20 minutes I had a surface target ringing up 74 on my Garrett ATMax , my pinpointer put me straight on the ring that had been pressed into the turf , Luke was overjoyed he had been reunited with his wedding band , another successful recovery thanks to  ring finders . Read the rest of this entry »

Palladium wedding ring , lost on Repulse bay beach , Hong Kong , reunited with owner .

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

 Whilst visiting Repulse bay beach with friends the day before, her husband had asked Clare to look after his wedding ring while he went  swimming in the sea , this she did by putting his wedding band on one of her fingers , however in due course the ring slipped off her finger into the sand , they searched the area as best they could , even using the lights on their phones as it got dark , Clare contacted me through the Ring finders web page ,we arranged to meet on Repulse beach the early the following morning .

I met Clare on the beach and after showing me the area she thought the ring had been dropped in , I started detecting with my ATPro , after numerous coins , ring pulls , tabs and bottle tops etc  , eventually I hit a target that showed up as 56 on my meter , and there in my sand scoop was Clares husbands wedding ring  , the look of joy on Clare’s face said it all , yet another ring reunited with its owner thanks to ring finders .


Platinum wedding band lost on Repulse Bay HK

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I was contacted on Sunday evening 23rd September , by Shahrin who had found my contact details on the ring finders website .

Shahrin was on holiday in HK for a few days before flying home to Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday evening , and had lost his Platinum wedding ring whilst changing into swimming shorts that afternoon on the beach at Repulse bay HK , he said he had spent ages sifting through the fine sand with his fingers but gave up and went back to his hotel, and contacted me via Ring finders  , Shahrin described the location he thought he lost his ring was under a tree near one of the lifeguard towers , I know this beach very well and told him I knew exactly where he was describing , we agreed to meet on the beach early the following morning .

I arrived around 0730 and met with Shahrin at the lost rings location , first couple of swings and my ATPro detector located a target registering 56 on the meter , first scoop and I had a Platinum ring in my sand scoop , I handed it to Shahrin and he confirmed it was his ring , which he promptly put back on his finger , he was so overjoyed that he had been reunited with his precious ring .