Simon Cox, Author at The Ring Finders

Gold bracelet recovered from Hove beach

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I got a call yesterday morning from Barry , who explained his wife had lost her gold bracelet which also contained a ruby and two diamonds , the bracelet had slipped from her wrist whilst cold water swimming at a Hove beach , which was about a mile from where I was detecting, Barry sent me a map of the area the loss occurred , and within 20 minutes of detecting I had successfully recovered his wife’s bracelet, I was able to reunite the very grateful owner with her precious and very sentimental bracelet about half an hour later , another successful recovery only made possible by ring finders .com


Gold engagement ring recovered

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I received a message from James yesterday evening , he explained his wife’s very precious engagement ring had been lost somewhere in Wash Brooks farm in Hurstpierpoint in Sussex .
I met James and his wife this morning at the farm , after scanning two play areas the couple had visited yesterday , we came to another small play area with lots of fine sand at the base of the play equipment, my ATMAX hit upon a target which read 49 and was 1 inch deep in the sand I flicked the target out with my pinpointer , I held up the ring and asked the couple if this was the missing ring ? , the look of amazement and delight told me it was indeed their precious engagement ring , another recovery and smiling faces  thanks to ring finders.

Wedding and Engagement rings on a gold chain lost in rural Sussex

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)
  • Had a call from Michelle yesterday evening , she explained she had lost a wedding and engagement ring , which was on a gold chain whist out dog walking a week ago .

We agreed to meet this morning ,where Michelle proceeded to show me the route she had walked , and most importantly pointed out an area on the walk where she recalled tucking the chain inside her jacket , I decided to start detecting from this area , a few minutes later and  my detector hit on a shallow target , which turned out to be the missing wedding ring , it had been squashed into the soft ground by the hoof of a horse , I guessed the engagement ring would be close by and I spotted it sitting in the dry mud only a couple of feet away , alas despite an intensive search of the area , the gold chain was never recovered.
Michele was very happy to be reunited with her precious rings , thanks to ring finders precious items have been returned

Both engagement and wedding rings lost in garden

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I received  a message from Gemma yesterday evening, saying both her engagement and wedding rings had been lost in their garden an hour or s

o ago . Gemma had taken off both rings before cleaning a table ,  but while she was getting the hose set up , her young three year old son had picked both rings up and had later said he had hidden / thrown them in the garden .

I arrived this morning after Gemma had finished the school run , after searching in hedges , flower pots , lawn and the gravel drive for a good two hours , we looked in a area near the house and Gemma spotted her wedding ring tucked between  the edge of the gravel and the lawn , realising the other ring would be nearby my detector registered a target about 5 feet away from the first ring , this one was tucked under longer grass up against a path , the look of relief on Gemmas face said it all , she said she hadn’t been able to sleep last night worrying about her precious rings and where they might be , another successful recovery all thanks to ringfinders .com



Rose Gold wedding ring lost on West Wittering beach

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I had a call yesterday from Mike who lost his Rose Gold wedding band during a family outing on West Wittering beach in West Sussex earlier in the week , we agreed to meet at the beach very early this morning , Mike showed me the area they were sitting , helpfully he had photos of the area , within two minutes of turning on my ATMax detector I had my first target which read 49 on the meter and 1” deep ,  I moved the coil and the edge of a rose gold ring was exposed, I asked Mike if he had a photo of his wedding band , which he showed me on his phone , I then asked him if this his wedding ring , a quick check on the inscription inside confirmed it was indeed Mikes precious wedding band , another overjoyed person reunited with their very precious wedding band thanks to ringfinders .

Late husbands lost wedding ring

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I received a call from Katy yesterday evening , she explained she had lost her late husbands wedding ring whilst gardening in her front garden , we agreed to meet up early this morning to search for her very precious ring , I put the 6” coil on my Equinox 800 for ease in getting under shrubs etc , the first target that registered was 4” deep and in the Platinum range ( 10 on the meter )  my Garrett carrot pin pointer confirmed a target and a couple of handfuls of soil later soon revealed a nice big Platinum ring , Katy was very emotional when I reunited her with her very sentimental ring , the look of gratitude on her smiling face said it all , another successful recovery thanks to ringfinders . 

Lost house and car keys

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I got a call from Reece who explained that his bunch of keys had been thrown into a field full of 5ft tall stinging nettles in Crawley.
Arranged to meet up early this morning , where he explained how they had gotten thrown there , after half an hour fighting through the nettles my detector sounded off and a bunch of keys were hooked up in the nettles about 6” from the ground, Reece was extremely pleased to see his keys again ,  was great to see the expression on his face when I handed them back to him , another happy person reunited with their property thanks to ring finders . 

Heavy Silver ring recovered

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I received a call from Polly who’s daughter had lost her heavy silver ring in a field whilst playing at a friends house.

The heavy silver ring was located in a clump of long grass by my Equinox 800, it was a good strong signal, and rung up around 35.

Precious watch recovered

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I was contacted by James this morning hoping I could find the lost watch his son had lost after he fell off the bike he was riding in a field the previous evening .
Upon arrival they showed me the rough area of his fall , my Equinox 800 with the stock coil fitted located the precious watch within 15 minutes, it is always great to see the happy relived smiles of of someone being reunited with their property , all thanks to ring finders .com


Lost wedding ring on Walmer beach

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

I was contacted yesterday by Lee via ring who had lost his white gold wedding ring whilst playing in the sea 0n Walmer beach with his children a couple of days ago .
We arranged to meet in the car park this morning, and Lee showed me the location of the loss , he was very concerned that due to the very steep shingle bank around the area that recovery would be nigh on impossible , the tide was going out , and at the time only 2 or 3 meters of wet shingle from the high tide mark were clear of water , I gridded out the area and after about 10 minutes of searching my Equinox 800 hit on a target reading 20-22 , one sand scoop later and there was a nice silvery coloured ring showing on the shingle, Lee was amazed his precious wedding band had been recovered so easily and quickly from such a steep shingle bank , he recalled that the very strong current had pulled him down the bank and he had to thrust his hands into the shingle to stop himself being dragged into deeper water , this was the very moment Lee realised his wedding ring had been pulled from his finger .

Another person reunited with their lost wedding ring all thanks to ring web site