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Lost Diamond Ring Recovered in Fredericksburg After Rare Snow Event – Returned to Owner!

  • from Kerrville (Texas, United States)

Mid-afternoon on Sunday I received a frantic call from Shawn that his wife had lost the Diamond Engagement Ring of her wedding set while throwing snowballs at him. Earlier that day Shawn and Jessica learned that it could possibly snow in Fredericksburg, Texas that afternoon. Predicted accumulation was only about 1” (it only snows here about once every six years). Nevertheless, they drove from San Antonio to Fredericksburg because growing up in Florida Jessica had never seen snow before. The snow event happened and before you know it Jessica was rolling snowballs and having a grand time throwing them at Shawn. Uh oh, Jessica looked down and her Diamond Engagement Ring was missing from her finger! She knew she had it when the snow started because she had a picture of it from the restaurant they had eaten at.

So, Shawn looks on the web for metal detectors and finds me under and my Kerrville-Fredericksburg Rings Finders Facebook page. He contacts me and explains the situation. He was positive of the ¼ acre location area in the city park that the ring was lost in. I asked him to call the police department for permission for me to metal detect in the park. They agreed but only to look for the ring and no holes were to dug (historical area). I agreed to brave the 25 mile drive from Kerrville in winter conditions and the 32 degree temperature to try to locate Jessica’s ring. When I arrived at the park the snow had stopped falling and most had already melted into the ground. They showed me the area that they thought the ring should be in. I started to detect with my Garrett AT Pro and found there were a lot of targets to be checked. I detected the entire area for about 1 hour and did not find her ring. The cold had gotten to me and it would be dark soon so I called off the search. I told Jessica and Shawn that I would come back when it was warmer in a couple of days to search for it again.

On Wednesday, the temperature reached the 60’s in the afternoon. My wife, Kathy, and I drove over to Fredericksburg and I again started detecting the area in the park that Jessica had lost her ring in. After about 30 minutes of swinging the detector I got a tone that rang true. Looking down in the grass I could see the glint of a diamond ring. Holy cow, Jessica’s ring!                                                              

I called my wife over and we recovered it from the grass. I text Jessica the pictures of it. She was elated to say the least! We made arrangements to meet on Friday to return the ring to her. The smile on Jessica face when she had the ring back on her finger says it all!

Shawn and Jessica did everything right when they noticed her diamond ring was missing. They did a quick scan and realized they would need a metal detector to find it. More importantly, they realized they need an experienced operator of the metal detector. They searched on the web and found a member of that serviced the area. This is how Jessica was able to put her Diamond Ring back on her finger where it belongs!


Mia’s Diamond Stud Earring – Lost, Found, Returned in Kerrville, Texas

  • from Kerrville (Texas, United States)

I received a message from Mia requesting help in finding her lost diamond stud earring. Mia explained that she was positive she lost her earing in the living room or bedroom of her home. She said that she had gone through all her clothes and bedding and in the living room she had even vacuumed the rug (and checked the vacuum canister). She had not found the earring but was truly clear and concise of where she thought she lost it. I knew that the size of the precious metal around the diamond would be extremely hard to detect but decided it was worth a shot anyway. My wife, Kathy, went with me to Mia’s home. Mia showed us into the living room with beautiful oak flooring. Adjoining the sofa was a 5’x8’ double shag rug. Mia said she felt that the earring might have fallen into the deep shag rug. Running my AT Pro pick up every nail in the wood flooring and checking my pro pointer with other earring yielded not sound at all. At this point I thought the only way to find the ring would be a visible search. After combing through the rug for several minutes Kathy said to turn the rug over and beat on it! Sure enough, after following my wife’s instructions there was the earring on the floor! Mia was happy to get her earring back and I was glad I followed my wife’s instructions. Sometimes it takes more than fine equipment to fine that lost item!    Merry Christmas Mia!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Texas Aggie Ring returned to owner after Guadalupe River recovery in Hunt, Texas.

  • from Kerrville (Texas, United States)

I received a call from a Texas Aggie that he lost his ring in the Guadalupe River near Hunt, Texas. Being that the Guadalupe is a spring-fed river and it nearing the end of September, I arranged a search before the water got too cold (no wetsuits). Shane (my son and searching partner) and I arrived at the location and met Rick. He explained that he was standing in the river and threw a stick across the river for his dog to fetch. When he did, his 1981 Aggie ring came off his finger at the same time! He pointed us to where he was standing and gave a pretty good idea of which direction he threw the stick. After searching the river (up to our necks at times) for about 1.5 hours with the Garrett AT Pro metal detector and eliminating several good target sounds, a great ring tone sounded in my Grey Ghost earphones. Shane dove down and when he came up the ring was in his hand! Whoop! Rick was excited and very appreciative of the return of his Aggie ring. If you lose your jewelry or valuables call a member of the as soon as possible! In the Kerrville or Fredericksburg area contact me.

Diamond Wedding Ring Set Found and Returned by Kerrville Metal Detectorist

  • from Kerrville (Texas, United States)

Knowing I am a member of, a friend sent me a text message that a diamond wedding ring set had been lost at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa in San Antonio, Texas. Before even connecting with the Fort Worth couple that lost the rings, I contacted the Hyatt security to obtain permission for a search on their property. The Chief of Security already knew of the lost rings and granted permission for me to search for them. I then contacted Austin, the husband, who stated that while staying at the Hyatt on Saturday night they had attended a “Movie on the Lawn.” Sitting on a Hyatt supplied blanket and watching the outdoor movie, his wife had taken the ring set off to apply some hand lotion. She placed them on the blanket and then noticed some close friends walking past. They departed with the friends forgetting that the rings were left on the blanket. Austin and I discussed what could have happened to the rings. It was doubtful someone saw the rings on the blanket and took them because it was nighttime dark. They could of slid off the blanket when the staff retrieved it after the movie. They could have been rolled up in the blanket and tossed in the laundry. If the latter happened they were probably gone forever! Hoping they rolled off the blanket into the grass I contacted Hyatt Security to arrange a time to search. Security informed me that particular lawn is used every night for movies and during the day for other functions. They even said there had been a wedding on the lawn since the rings were lost. Uh Oh! What if someone had found the diamond ring set and not turned them in to Lost and Found! They suggested to be there about 9 AM the next day (Wednesday) to conduct the search.

After the 60 mile drive from Kerrville with my son (and metal detecting partner Shane), we arrived at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa.

At the guard shack we were directed to the security office for sign-in and escort to the particular lawn that the diamond set was lost at. They also verified by phone with Austin that I had his permission to search for the rings. Security led us through the expansive resort to the site of the loss – a beautifully manicured lawn with thick, lush grass.

Austin had sent me a Google map with markings of the area on the lawn they had sat to watch the movie. I set an imaginary grid line and proceeded to sweep the lawn with my Garrett AT Pro. Shane followed beside me using his Garrett Pro Pointer. It wasn’t very long when Shane exclaimed “Here’s one of the rings!” and shortly after he said “Here’s the other one!” He had found both of the rings with his Garrett Pro Pointer. They were virtually on top of each other but buried deep in the grass. After taking a couple of on-site pictures (no videos allowed) we were escorted back out.


I sent a text to Austin with the pictures of the found rings. Needless to say he was ecstatic and said that he had in mind a special way to give them back to his wife.

In less than 48 hours of my first hearing of the lost rings buried in grass, the rings were found and returned to the finger they belonged on. They even traveled halfway across Texas to Fort Worth on an airplane!

Austin did everything right to make this recovery successful. He provided a detailed map of the where the loss occurred, pictures of the rings before they were lost and contacted the management of the facility to gain access for a search. Most of all he put his faith in Shane and I to recover them!

If you’ve lost your precious jewelry, keys, or other valuables contact the World wide members will professionally recover your lost items! Chris Dean, proud member of Facebook: The Ring Finders – Kerrville/Fredericksburg Metal Detecting Service


Lost Wedding Ring Found and Returned on Texas Ranch – Chris Dean

  • from Kerrville (Texas, United States)

Stuart lost his wedding ring while installing a 3400′ water line on a beautiful 240 acre Central Texas ranch. He already had knowledge of because fellow member John Volek (Houston Metal Detecting Services) had recovered a friends ring early this year on a Gulf Coast beach (John’s recovery). Stuart made the right decision because his lost wedding ring is back on his finger!

Remember, don’t rent a metal detector. Contact an expert metal detectorist to find your lost ring, jewelry or other valuables! Recovered with a Garrett AT Pro metal detector.


  • from Kerrville (Texas, United States)

Madi contacted me and said she lost her Texas Aggie ring at a Bachelorette party on the banks of the Guadalupe River (Kerrville, TX. area). She said she found my contact information on the member directory. Madi was able provide a good description of where the ring might have been lost and even sent me a photograph of the area the ring should be located in. Due to the property being a vacation home I had to wait for the owners to return for the Thanksgiving weekend in order to gain permission for access.

I made contact with the property owners and set up a time on the Friday after Thanksgiving that I could conduct a search. They told me they had already purchased a metal detector to try to find the ring themselves but quickly found that without experience it was not fruitful. I assured them with my skills and the right equipment I would find the ring if is was there.

Friday turned out to be a gorgeous West Kerr County Chamber of Commerce type of day. A light breeze and the temperature nearing 80 degrees meant a short sleeve shirt. I arrived at the property and quickly did a reconnaissance of the area Madi had described. Lush green grass topped the ground meant the perfect place for a ring to hide!

After ground balancing my Garrett AT Pro I began sweeping the detector at the edge of the target area. It was quickly evident that there were many underground objects that made my machine sing. One pass in my grid line.  Two passes in my grid line. In the middle of my third pass – Bingo! That unmistaken tone of gold in my earphones. I looked down at the detector screen and saw the target ID at 76 and the target depth of 2-4″. I parted the grass and viola! Hidden from the naked eye was a ladies Texas A&M Class ring.

Gold deep in the grass!



The return is worth a beautiful smile.  Gig’em!

Sounds easy, right? Not quite! It takes: Buckets of pull tabs, pounds of shredded aluminum cans and many hours of swinging the detector while learning the sound tones of different metals. Like a detective, asking the right questions to narrow the search area. And of course, lots of dollars spent in equipment.

So, if you lose your ring, jewelry, keys or even your cell phone don’t waste your time and money buying or renting a metal detector. Follow these simple steps to recover you lost items:

  1. Takes notes and pictures of the area you think you lost your item in.
  2. Contact a member of immediately – this will save you time, money and a whole lot of heartache!

Lost 1980 Texas Aggie Ring (found) by Chris Dean TRF, Kerrville, Texas

  • from Kerrville (Texas, United States)

Jeffrey lost his Texas Aggie class ring renovating a 1940’s house. When he searched the web for Metal Detector Kerrville, he was surprised to find the first source was Jeffrey called me and said he knew he was wearing his ring en-route to the house and felt sure he lost it in the yard while there. On arrival at the house I realized this might be a daunting task as reconstruction was in full swing – building debris, roofing materials, and plenty of workmen everywhere! Jeffrey explained to me what he was doing and the approximate paths he had taken the day the ring slipped off his finger. I was able to search the perimeters of the property but due to the amount workmen around the house I had to return after hours.  Upon return in the evening with my Garrett AT Pro, I was able to detect (along with a lot of roofing nails) Jeffrey’s Gold Ring buried below the surface near where the debris trailer had been. It had certainly been stepped on many times. I called Jeffrey and asked him to describe his ring and then I told him “I found it”. He exclaimed “OMG, I Love You” and then said ” I don’t really love you but I love you!” It’s amazing what people say when you tell them you found their lost ring and even more amazing seeing the smile on their face when you return it, which I was able to the next day.

If you loose your ring, jewelry, keys, cell phone or other valuables don’t rent a metal detector. Contact a member of the We are professionals that use our knowledge and the best equipment to reunite you with your lost items.


  WHOOP! Gig ’em Aggies!

Texas Aggie Ring Lost Found Returned!

  • from Kerrville (Texas, United States)


Wednesday evening I received a call from Karen who said she found me by looking for Fredericksburg, TX. Metal Detector on Google. Karen told me that after removing brush and leaves from their yard to a burn pile her husband, Royce, noticed his Texas Aggie Ring was missing.  She asked if I could possibly help locate it. Being a Texan I asked her how big the yard was and if she had a good idea where it could have been lost. She answered “the yard is large but the area it might be in was only about a half an acre or so”. I said to her “If it’s in the yard then I will find it!” Knowing how important an Aggie ring is to a graduate of Texas A&M I made an appointment to meet with them today.

I decided to take my 9 year old grandson, Jake, with me on this recovery. After picking him up from school we headed over to their place east of Fredericksburg. Upon arrival at the house and after introductions were made we walked the different areas of the property that they had worked in. Well, the area was much larger than ½ acre and was spread out to about 100 yards from the house. I asked the investigative questions determining what, how, when, where. I came to the conclusion that the Aggie Ring could be anywhere in about a two acre area. Unfortunately Royce could not recall exactly where he happened to take off his gloves that day. With that in mind, Jake (he has his own detector and knows how to use it) and I “suited” up. I instructed him to start around the burn pile and I started  the yard area around the house. Knowing the lost gold ring was going to be big and on the surface I concentrated high tones. After about 25 minutes of swinging my Garrett AT Pro I received the unmistakable “BIG gold tone” in my headphones. Luck was with us! Reaching down and parting the grass was Royce’s huge Aggie ring. I waved to Jake to come over to where I was,  Royce must have sensed our excitement as he headed over to where we were. He gave out a big Aggie WHOOP and danced around for a while! Royce got Karen and we all did some dancing and hugging (Jake too)!

It sure was great to meet Royce and Karen and it was an honor to recover Royce’s lost ring for him. It was just as exciting to have Jake involved in the return. He and I had high fives and smiles all the way home. He sure has a story to tell his classmates in school tomorrow. Thanks goes to Royce and Karen for contacting and for the handsome reward. Jake will get his share and the rest will go towards more metal detecting equipment for both of us.

Remember, if you lose your ring, jewelry, keys or other valuables just call a member of Each member is a highly skilled metal detectorists and will do their very best to get your item back to you!

Lost Silver Ring FOUND in Kerrville, TX. Louise Hays Park!

  • from Kerrville (Texas, United States)

Late Tuesday afternoon I received a Facebook message from Annette saying she had lost her ring on Sunday in Kerrville’s Louise Hays Park. She explained that she actually lost three rings but was able to find only two of them. She said she knew the approximate area that the ring should be in. I told her I would be happy to attempt to recover her ring but I would have to get permission from the City Parks Department in order to use a metal detector in the park. I emailed the Parks Department for permission but it was too late in the day to get a response. We decided to meet that evening at the site of the loss just to go over the details and spot the exact location. Arriving at the location my wife and I both said “Wow, it looks like the grass was just mowed today!” Sure enough the grass in the area of the loss was freshly mowed. What if the mower picked the ring up and spit it out to who knows where?

Late Wednesday morning I received an email from Ashlea at the Kerrville Parks Department saying I have permission to look for the ring with conditions such as no disturbing the soil, etc. I wrote back my thanks to Ashlea and stated this would strictly be a surface search. At noon I went down to the park and went to work detecting with my Garrett AT PRO and Garrett Pro Pointer. Wow, there was a lot crackling through my headphones – lots of great tones coming from below the surface! This particular area was very near concrete picnic tables that were probably there since the park was built in 1950. (Interesting side note: The entire 35 acre Louise Hays Park was built by the citizens of Kerrville in 1 day ). Knowing the ring would be on the surface and not buried, I concentrated on my depth meter and used my Pro Pointer to pinpoint good targets. About 45 minutes of swinging and pinpointing (and lots of bottle caps and a few pennies) BINGO! There was this little silver ring hidden in the grass and clover!


I sent this picture of the ring where I found it to Annette and she replied OMG! We set a time to meet so she could place the ring back on her finger where it belonged. As you can see in the picture, Annette had a huge smile while I smiled from behind the camera.

img_0535 img_0521

Thanks to my friend Ken for thinking of referring me to Annette and thanks to Ashlea at the Kerrville Parks Department for granting special permission in order to find and return a lost item on city property. If you lost your valuables call a member of Each member is a highly skilled metal detectorists and will do their very best to get your item back to you!


Lost Ring FOUND in Kerrville area river!

  • from Kerrville (Texas, United States)

On Thursday I received a call from Brad who asked if I was able to conduct water searches with a metal detector? He told me that on the July 4th weekend he had lost his gold wedding ring while playing with his kids in the Guadalupe River near Kerrville, Texas. Brad and I talked for a while about the circumstances of the loss and the river depth at the loss location. Brad told me he was in approximately waist deep in the river and had a good idea of the location of the loss. He said there were attempts to search for the ring to no avail. As Brad lives out of town we decided to meet on Saturday morning to search for the ring. Wow, I thought, my very first call out will be water search!

Saturday Morning:

My wife, Kathy, and I arrived at the site on the beautiful Guadalupe River.  This area of the river is lined with huge Cypress trees and typically has a river rock (1/2″ to 3″ rocks) bottom. Brad was already there with family members and he pointed out the area that he was wading in when he thought he lost his ring. I asked him about the water depth and said the target area extends to just above waist deep depth. I’m glad he wasn’t a basketball player as I am only 5’9″! He explained that he was in the water and the kids were playing on the floating dock. He also said that he had kept people out of the general area to help keep the water clear. Thank you Brad!

While waiting on my searching partner (my son Shane), Kathy and I got the Garrett AT Pro out along with my other gear. I entered the river about 30′ downstream of the dock proceed to sweep out towards the river center. The water was very cool but felt great as the ambient temperature was already reaching 90 degrees. Water visibility was cloudy and a touch to the bottom stirred up silt. Within 10 feet of bank and still only in knee deep water I got a nice indicator signal on my Garrett AT Pro. As Shane was not there yet I marked the spot with a 3′ piece of iron rebar so I could easily locate the spot again. I continued sweeping into deeper water when Shane arrived with his goggles and scoop. We ventured out as far as we could (chest deep), then turned and starting sweeping back to the bank. The river bottom was really clean of iron and we got another hit. With his goggles on Shane dove down into the bottom and retrieved a good scoop of gravel.  He sifted through it not finding anything.  A further slow sweep of the suspected target revealed no indications of hits so we moved on towards the bank.

When we got even with the location I marked with the rebar I told Shane “Let’s go ahead and explore this target that I marked earlier.” I again was able to acquire a a good signal and Shane when down again. This time when he came up he had the ring on his index finger! Brad and his family were standing on the bank watching and he yelled “You got it?” “Yes, we got it!” He ran down into the water and I handed him his (not) lost ring! His smile was big but I’m sure mine was just as big. EVERYONE WAS HAPPY!

Thanks Brad for contacting me through The Ring Finders and thanks to my son Shane for being my wing man in our FIRST The Ring Finders search.

Remember, call The Ring Finders to help you retrieve your lost items. It’s better to call as soon as possible after the the loss!