Wedding Ring Located in Bush at Wilton, Wellington, New Zealand

  • from Wellington (New Zealand)

Amy contacted me and told me that her wedding ring had gone out the window and fallen 3 levels into a steep bush clad bank.  She, and her husband Antonio, spent several hours searching for it without successs.

When I arrived the job looked daunting so I got Amy to drop a test ring (with a red ribbon attached) out the window.  I watched it disappear through the trees and could hear it bouncing off branches.

Luckily the red ribbon was visible when I got down to ground level.  Started working from that point, but the ground was difficult with a lot of rusty nails and a storm water pipe running under the ground straight through the middle of my search area.

A short time later, and only about 2 metres from where my test ring had landed I got a faint signal amongst all the clutter.  The pinpointed soon zeroed in on the small gold band underneath some loose foliage.

Ring Located !

Antonio & Amy

Amy and Antonio couldn’t believe I had found it when I showed it to them.

The smiles says it all.

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  1. Sean Boddie says:

    Way to go Al! Tossing a test ring or three can save a lot of time. I also have a lucky anchor I’ve managed to drop 4m from a ring and 2m from an anchor I was after in 10m of water! Not bad as I’ve only used it those two times..

    Sean Boddie
    TheRingFinders – Perth, W.A
    (From Paekakariki)

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