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Metal Detecting Service Inc.

Metal Detecting Service Inc.

Richard Walker

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Member Since 2014
    • Colorado Springs
    (Colorado, United States)
Phone 1-719-330-1836
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Search Locations

Colorado Springs and surrounding area

Search Types

Parks, Beaches, Homes, Ranches, anywhere you can stand upright and swing a detector coil.

Cost For My Service

i work on a reward basis, that means you pay what you can afford and what it's worth to you to have me come out and find your lost ring. No charge for active duty military personnel.

I charge a $25.00 call out fee for local area searches, this covers my fuel. Anywhere beyond that can be negotiated.

Richard Walker's Bio

I have been detecting for 15 years and have 6 different types of detectors. My favorite places to detect are parks and beaches. I'm an active member of the Pikes Peak Adventure League in Colorado Springs which is a club made up of like minded metal detectorists. My day job is piloting a private jet around the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. In between flights I enjoy teaching people to fly along with metal detecting any chance I get.

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