Kevin Harris

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

We work on a Reward Basis, you pay what its worth to you and what you can afford to have us find your lost item. Basic callout fee of $50 to cover our fuel expense in the Colorado Springs, Front Range area. Extended travel distances and unique search conditions, require additional fees.

Search Types

Dirt, grass, sand, snow, shallow water. Parks, fields, trails, beaches, rivers, lakes. We have recovered countless items including jewelry, keys, weapons, artifacts, etc.

Search Locations

Regularly within Colorado Springs and the Front Range area.

Kevin Harris's Bio

We are a husband and wife team and have been metal detecting over twenty years. We have a variety of detectors, including underwater. We both retired last year from the Department of Homeland Security. So we now travel and recover lost items. It would be an honor to assist you. We have volunteered our services to CSPD and local house fire victims.

Kevin Harris - Recent Blog Post

  • Winter recovery of wedding ring (2020)

    We were called out today to search for a lost wedding ring. It had been lost the night before on a snow covered lawn. The owner had searched unsuccessfully. Took about 10 minutes for us to find it. Owner thankful on this Thanksgiving eve!

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  • Lost gold ring found in Colorado (2020)

    Gold and diamond nail ring was lost at rural property. Located and returned to grateful owner.

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  • Metal detecting, lost rings found, Colorado (2019)

    These rings are some of our recent recoveries found in Colorado. We are newly retired from federal service. Yahoo! That has allowed us the opportunity to devote our time to our metal detecting business. Harris Detecting and Recovery LLC. Our mission is to assist in recovering lost items. We use a variety of metal detecting […]

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Kevin Harris - Testimonials

  • Would recommend this company to anyone who needs help looking for a lost ring or other jewelry. (2019)


    Lost my ring while fixing a Xmas Decoration in our yard. My ring flew off last night and we looked for about 45 mins last night but it was too cold. Tried looking this morning and we still couldn’t find it. My brother found this company, I called, they came and within 5 minutes they found my ring!!! They were so professional and quick. So glad they found it & glad their is a service like this. Would recommend this company to anyone who needs help looking for a lost ring or other jewelry. #thankful #grateful #blessed