Harold Decuir

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a ''Reward Basis'' you pay what it's worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost item. I have a call-out fee of $25.00 if the item is not found, this covers my fuel expenses. (Maybe more or less depending on where you're located)

Search Types

All locations land & shallow water.

Search Locations

SW Iowa, NW Missouri, I will travel at least 1 1/2 hours away.

Harold Decuir's Bio

I have been metal detecting since 1976 and have been in love with the hobby ever since. I am a member of the Pony Express prospectors club in St. Joseph Mo and have served as it's president for a few years. I have found many items over the years for people who know I detect, and friends of those people as they refer them to me knowing I will try my best to find it for them. When I was in the Army a new Lieutenant lost his West Point ring while we were playing football and I told him no problem I had a detector and I would find it for him, which I did. The honest gratitude he shared (and the cookies his wife made helped too) taught me the true value of returning things.