Brian Henry

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis, what it is worth to you and what you can afford for me to come out and find your lost item. Additional expenses may incur for my travel time and fuel expenses to travel out of the metro area. For lost treasure and caches will work on percentage basis. Everything is negotiable.

Search Types

Yards, Parks, Old farm lands, Ski Slopes, Lakes, Beaches, in snow and water. Lost Treasure, Cache Hunting, Crime Scene, Archeological, etc.

Search Locations

All Denver Metro Areas, but I can travel throughout Colorado with proper notice and arrangements.

Brian Henry's Bio

In high school my dad purchased a Bounty Hunter metal detector to look for property markers, that started me down the path of treasure hunting. I've been metal detecting for several years and have always enjoyed the thrill of the hunt. It is very rewarding to help someone find their lost sentimental or irreplaceable item that they believed to be gone forever. I'm a member of the Eureka Treasure Hunters Club for metal detector enthusiast, the World Wide Association of Treasurer Seekers (WWATS) for treasure hunting, and the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) to search for gold!

I'm looking forward to help you find your lost item.

Brian Henry - Recent Blog Post

  • Ring Found at Broomfield High School Colorado (2017)

    Lost Ring in Broomfield Colorado Received an early morning message from Frank. He had been watching football at the high school. After wrestling with the grand kids in the deep grass. Frank and the family headed from the practice field to the main stadium field. Just after sitting down Frank noticed his 48 year old […]

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  • Back Yard Ring Recovery Thornton Colorado (2017)

    Spring Time Back Yard Clean-Up Casualty Spring time in Thornton Colorado brought Mario out back to clean up his back yard.  Raking rubbish and pulling weeds left big pot holes in his yard. While filling the pot holes and tossing weeds across the yard caused his White Gold Wedding Band to go flying across the […]

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  • Ring Found In Snow Ft. Collins Colorado (2017)

    A couple days ago the snow started coming down heavy here in Colorado.  Greg being the nice guy and wonderful husband that he is, stopped by his wife’s work to clear the snow off her car.  In a parking lot north of Ft. Collins, Greg clears the snow off her car with his bare hands […]

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  • Broomfield Commons Ring Found (2016)

    Matt is a Ultimate Frisbee player in the Broomfield and Boulder area of north Denver. Matt brought is “A”  game that day, played hard until he noticed his wedding ring was missing. So now he is looking down in the grass the rest of the day trying to find his ring. After having both teams […]

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  • Ring Found Superior Colorado (2016)

    Snow storm started Monday afternoon and ended today Tuesday afternoon. Dumped over 10 inches of snow. Chris woke up early to head out to school. Walked out the front door and the snow was deep. Thinking to himself there can’t be school today, better check my phone to see if school has been called off. […]

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