Brian Henry

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis, what it is worth to you and what you can afford for me to come out and find your lost item. Additional expenses may incur for my travel time and fuel expenses to travel out of the metro area. For lost treasure and caches will work on percentage basis. Everything is negotiable.

Search Types

Yards, Parks, Old farm lands, Ski Slopes, Lakes, Beaches, in snow and water. Lost Treasure, Cache Hunting, Crime Scene, Archeological, etc.

Search Locations

All Denver Metro Areas, but I can travel throughout Colorado with proper notice and arrangements.

Brian Henry's Bio

In high school my dad purchased a Bounty Hunter metal detector to look for property markers, that started me down the path of treasure hunting. I've been metal detecting for several years and have always enjoyed the thrill of the hunt. It is very rewarding to help someone find their lost sentimental or irreplaceable item that they believed to be gone forever. I'm a member of the Eureka Treasure Hunters Club for metal detector enthusiast, the World Wide Association of Treasurer Seekers (WWATS) for treasure hunting, and the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) to search for gold!

I'm looking forward to help you find your lost item.

Brian Henry - Recent Blog Post

  • Ring Found Private Lake NW Plains of Colorado (2022)

    As they were floating on a private lake. They started to drift apart, so they reached out to pull each other back together. Her hubby tried to grab her hand only to pull her very expensive wedding ring off. As they looked in horror to the splash and sinking to the bottom. They intelligently looked […]

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  • South Denver Lost Rind Found In The Snow (2022)

    On a very cold afternoon you step out on your second floor balcony to see how cold it really was. You notice snow on your railing and you find yourself compelled to sweep it of with your bare hands. Just as you get to the end you fling your hand to throw the snow off […]

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  • Coach Lost His Wedding Ring Tossing a Football Louisville, CO (2022)

    Coaching a bunch of little men in the sport of football can be challenging enough.  Accept after tossing the ball around the practice field and then packing up to head home you realize “ohhh my god where is my wedding ring”. Your first thought is to rent a metal detector and start the search. Not […]

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  • South West Longmont Ring Found In Front Yard Snow (2022)

    Removing your gloves when out playing in the front yard with their little man can be hazardous to your engagement ring.  After shoveling around the snow they had to give up and call in the detectorist to save the day.  After a quick search we found the ring.

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  • Boulder Colorado Apartment Common Area Lost Ring (2020)

    Woman loses here wedding ring at her apartment complex in the common area between buildings. After a couple weeks looking and not finding it she contacted ring finders. We found it in a chunk of  ice, after the snow had melted and refroze into compacted chunk of ice.

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