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Lake Tarpon, Florida Wedding Ring Found

Ammi found us on Ringfinders and contacted Tom with a request to recover a special ring that had been lost under her dock on Lake Tarpon. We happened to be in the area when Tom called to see what we could do, so we headed over to Ammi’s house. We found out that Ammi’s daughter Jen, and a friend Marie, had laid a towel on the dock and Marie decided to put her ring on the towel so it could not be lost. The ring was handed down to her by her father. It had been his mother’s wedding ring and carried a very large sentimental value within the family. Later in the day Marie picked up the towel, forgetting there was a ring on it and sure enough the ring fell between deck boards.

The space under the dock was very tight so Paul went under alone and worked for about 45 minutes before finding the ring right next to one of the support posts. The girls were just overjoyed when they saw Paul holding the ring. Some more big smiles!!!!  Way to go Paul.

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