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Women’s Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in the St. Croix River

from Elk River (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-763-219-2782

I received a call on Friday evening around 8:00 p.m. regarding a lady who was attending a bachelorette party on a house boat on an island in the middle of the St. Croix and had lost her very expensive diamond wedding and engagement rings (welded together) while wading and playing catch with a football in waste deep water.

I was informed that this particular area of the St. Croix is referred to as “Beer Can Alley” and known for its high trash content. With that being said, I gathered a crew of my best guys, hooked up the boat and we headed out for what we thought might be a difficult find.

When we got to the island, there was a big commercial houseboat docked there and several ladies standing on shore waiting for us to find the ring. They knew the general location of where the ring was lost, and had it marked with a tree branch. We got to hunting and within 20 minutes were able to retrieve the ring. It felt great to be able to return something so irreplaceable to it’s owner. St. Croix Ring Finder 1 St. Croix Ring Finder