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Ft Desoto, Florida Double the Fun Recovery

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Marcus was enjoying Labor Day weekend with friends and family at Ft Desoto Park and he and a friend decided to toss the football around in the water. After a couple of throws Marcus noticed that his wedding ring was missing. He had stayed pretty much in the same place so he had one of his friends bring him some swim goggles and he started to look on the bottom for his ring. Keeping his wits about him, he had his friend stand in place so they would keep a good reference point. After a few minutes Marcus had a brilliant idea. He borrowed his friend’s wedding ring and proceeded to dive under water and set the ring on the bottom so he could see what it would look like when he searched for his own ring. You guessed it!!!!!!!  The second ring instantly disappeared and he could not find it either. So now we have two wedding rings, one gold, the other platinum lost in very close proximity. After a short while they decided that they had better establish some good landmarks and then find someone with a metal detector. Marcus contacted Ringfinders and we met him at the location the next morning. Four ringfinders, Tom Jones, Paul Hill, Mark Prue, and Mike Miller started the hunt at 9:00 am and by 9:15 am the rings had been recovered. Great work Team!!!!!!!!!. The smile on Marcus’s face says it all.

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Dog-gone Ring Recovered

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Gina was on her back patio with her six month old puppy when she decided to do some yard work. She took her two rings off and laid them on the lounge chair to make sure she did not lose them.
She proceeded to work in the yard for a while. She then returned to the chair to get her rings but only one was there. After looking around she realized that the puppy must have pick up the ring and carried it off.
After a day of searching she found SRARC and called Tom Jones who happened to be about ten minutes away.
Tom arrived at the home and asked Gina to bring the puppy outside then proceeded to scan the coil of his detector around the dog to see if it possibly swallowed the ring. He got no signal from the dog then started to hunt the yard. The whole yard was hunted right up to the last 10 square feet where Tom hit on a platinum signal. He then looked down to see a shiny circle lying in the grass.
It turned out to be the platinum and diamond heirloom ring. The ring had been passed down from Gina’s late mother to her and she had hoped to pass it on to her own daughter one day.

puppy1 puppy2

Missing Wedding Set Recovered Treasure Island, Florida

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Jenna was getting ready to put sun block on her children so she decided it would be wise to put her wedding rings into her shirt pocket. The rest of the afternoon went great until she returned to her room and discovered her rings were missing. The family search all evening for the rings in the area of sand they had been playing in but no rings were found. On Saturday morning she contacted SRARC to see if they could help. Stan Flack and Paul Hill quickly volunteered and headed to the location on Treasure Island. After getting the story and location to focus on they went to work and within a few minutes Stan got a hit. When he looked down there the set was. Great work Stan and Paul!!!!!!!2014071995102107Ring-1

Lost Diamond Pendant on Treasure Island, FL

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Barbra was just getting ready to dive into the water for her daily swim when she noticed she was still wearing her cherished diamond pendant. She turned around on the dock and headed for her condo. As she crossed a grass area she removed the chain that was holding the pendant but when she looked into her hand the pendant was not there. She frantically looked all around the area, including the dock but could not find it. Her granddaughter had just recently moved in with her and started searching the internet and soon found  The Ringfinders. Barbra contacted us and a team went out that evening to see if they could find it. We had no luck that evening so we returned the next day with a gold nugget detector and soon found it hidden in the grass. What fun it was to see the smile on Barbra’s face when I reached up, saying it was just another piece of tin foil, and dropped the pendant into her hand.

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Wedding Band lost at John’s Pass, Maderia Beach, FL

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

John and his recently married wife had just returned from their honeymoon and were settling into their home together. They decided to take a break and spend a day at the beach. After they arrived at Maderia Beach and setup a spot on the beach they ventured out into the water. They were just cooling down in neck deep water when John’s wife noticed his wedding ring was missing. They tried to locate the ring in the murky water but had no luck. John’s wife found us on the Ringfinders site and contacted us. We responded the next day with a small team and in about an hour we recovered the ring. Needless to say, John was overjoyed!

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