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Ring found Skaha Lake Penticton BC Canada

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

You can see the engraving on the inside






















I received a call from Kevin about a ring lost on Aug 01 2011.  I received the call about a week after it was lost in the water at Skaha lake.  I know by experience that the beaches and shallow water in the area are well combed over by the Penticton MD club members there.  At that point I sent an e-mail to the members board in-case someone had already found it.

Now unfortunately Kevin was not around to give me a good area to look for the ring, as he had already returned to his home up north in Fort McMurray Alberta.  So everything was done either over the phone or e-mail.  Kevin did his best to give me a general area using Google maps satellite pictures.  So our search started off like a needle in a haystack.  Everyone does their best to describe where they think they where, but none of us come with built in GPS locators, so where you think you lost it a week ago compared to where you actually lost the ring can be miles apart…  Anyone here at the RingFinders knows that grid searching a football field is a long and frustrating task.

The first search lasted 4.5 hours and turned up $4.85 in change and a small fortune in aluminum pull tabs, a pair of sunglasses and one lighter…. no ring!….  When I contacted Kevin about the search result, I think he was accepting the possibility that he would never see his ring again.

Now a little history about the ring, because as we know here, every ring has a story until it is lost and then the story is lost as well.  This ring is a story that had value well over the monetary value of the gold.  His father passed away when he was 5 years old.  At 19 his mother gave him this ring, and he has had it for the past 9 years.  He has worn the ring on a chain around his neck and close to his heart for the past 3 years.  On vacation out on the beaches of Penticton, Kevin was enjoying the Skaha lake water when his chain broke and the ring slipped under the waves.  Kevin and all of his friends stopped and tried to find the ring, but they did more harm then good and is probably one of the contributing factors of why it was found so deep in the sand.

Kevin and I exchanged a couple of photos and tried to pinpoint a better location of where it could be.  The second search lasted  4 hours and this time the wife and kids came alone to enjoy the beach as it is an hour drive from where I live from Skaha lake.  At first they where right there helping me look for the ring, but as you all know the attention span of 5-9 years of age are short.  But it was fun while it lasted.  My wife was on the beach soaking up the sun and cheering me on.. or just waving at me.

At 7:30pm my wife gave me the 10 minute warning, pockets full of caps and spare change I was starting to get tired.

Beep Beeeeeeep! strong signal…. dig digg.. cheese n rice a bottle cap!

Now the best advice I was ever given by an MD’er was “after you dig, go over the site again in-case there is something else”

Beep Beeeeeeeeeep! Another signal deeper down?… dig digg  “this better not be anther frigg’n pull-tab!” is what I was thinking.


Over 8 inches later, “Ohhh shinny gold band in a clump of Black sand!”

And no, it was not in the area we all thought it was… close … but we found it!

Kevin didn’t think it was possible when I called him at close to 10pm that night, but ring and owner are united with the help of a little tenacity and underwater detecting!