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Apollo Beach Recovery

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Jana had just returned from an outing on Tampa Bay in her kayak and was getting out at her floating dock. As she stepped from the kayak to the dock she felt her wedding band slip from her finger and watched it drop into the water at the edge of the dock. She dove down and looked for any hint of a shiny object but her feet stirred up the bottom silt and there was nothing to be seen. Next she found someone with scuba gear and tried diving without stirring up the water but still could not see her ring. She made a query on Facebook and someone in her area suggested she contact SRARC. We responded with a small team because of the small area to be searched. Paul Hill and Mike Miller arrived at 7:30 am to catch the low tide. Paul went in with his brand new dry suit and within 5 minutes had the ring. Jana was surprised and very pleased to have her wedding band back on her finger in such a short time and we were happy to have been a part of returning it to her finger. By 7:45 am we were on our way back home. Awesome job Paul !!!!!!!!

I also want to thank our other Ring Finder members that volunteered to come on this recovery but were not needed because of the small area of this hunt. We really appreciate your willingness to help in our recovery efforts.

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Found and Returned at Siesta Key Sarasota, Florida

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

On Labor Day weekend, Eduardo and his family had just one hour left before checkout time at their hotel on the Gulf of Mexico. They decided to take a last quick swim before packing up and leaving for the trip home. He was standing about waist deep and decided to kneel down to cover his upper body with cool water. As he went down, his hands pushed into the sand and when he stood up, he had lost his 19 year old wedding ring. The family looked for as long as they could before having to leave and check out but could not fine the ring.

Eduardo was devastated and brooded for about a week before remembering a story he heard about someone’s ring being found and returned after three years by a metal detectorist. He began looking for someone who might do the same for him. On September 15 he found the SRARC on Ring Finders and sent an email requesting our help. Mike Miller put together a team, Jay and Karen Ganz, and they met Edwardo and his family at the site on September 21. After 2 1/2 hours of hunting and dark approaching we gave up and gave the bad news to the family. We had not found the ring. We let them know that we would return and hunt for the ring another time but that of course did not lift their spirits much.

On the following Monday Mike returned and began hunting slightly North of the previous hunt and within an hour found the ring. He contacted Eduardo and had him come to the club meeting that evening. We returned his ring at the meeting and as you can see he was surprised and delighted.

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Wedding Ring Lost In Sarasota Yard

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Pete Nicolai was busy cleaning the gutters on the roof when he wiped his hand against his pants to dry it off and BINGO his wedding ring was gone!!!!!!!  He heard a ping when the ring hit the ladder below him and never caught site of where it landed. He searched for the ring in the yard and surrounding bushes but had no luck. He went home and broke the sad news to his wife and then they returned and searched with no luck. A few weeks later, Pete read an article on Yahoo about “The Ringfinders” and when he went to the web site he found Michael Miller listed as a resource for finding lost items. He contacted Mike and they made arrangements to meet at the site. Doug Brozek joined Mike in the search and within 15 minutes Doug recovered the ring and returned it to a very happy Pete.

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