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Diamond Engagement Ring Lost in Barnyard .. Costa Mesa, CA. .. Found in Muddy Grass

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Casey called me asking if I could help her friend find a ring that was possibly lost in a stable area on a small ranch property. I told her could be there in 30 minutes.
She sent me a address where I could meet her friend Michelle. This property is a small ranch in Costa Mesa, CA., that has stables set up for 4-H projects. Michelle and other parents were helping clean up stalls and pens for goats and chicken projects.
She had taken her 14 year old engagement ring off putting it in he back pant pocket so she could put on gloves. A couple times during the day she also put her gloves in the same pocket. Her thought was that the ring came out when she removed the gloves from her pocket. Where and when was the question? Michelle even told me she was worried that one of the goats could have eaten the ring. I told her to stop this thought, we had to first eliminate all the dirt and grassy areas the ring could be hiding.
I did a warm up lap on a dirt area before proceeding to the most likely location which were the stalls. As I walked the wet grass towards the stalls, I got a nice low tone that was worth bending over to check. Put my pinpointer into the grass and spotted the back edge of the beautiful diamond white gold/platinum ring.
It was one of those easy searches but it could have taken much longer. She had been all over the property that morning.
If it were not for Michelle’s friend Casey, helping to set this up this could have gone another direction. It could have been a very miserable night at the least, if we didn’t on top of this right away. Michelle and Her husband Mark expressed how grateful they were and thanked me for helping them.