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Lost Ring – Grove City Ohio….Found

  • from Lexington (Virginia, United States)

8/17/2017  in the Big Darby Creek at  in Grove City, Ohio.  Craig Ziecina and I traveled and met one another (He from Michigan and I from Virginia) to find Janelle’s lost ring.  The story is as follows as best I can remember:

Janelle’s house burned down and shortly after her now Husband proposed to her with his Mother’s engagement ring.  They decided to go to the canoe livery (they live in Columbus, Ohio) to try and relieve some stress from the house fire.  No sooner had they put in, the canoe hit a log and flipped over and when she came up her ring was gone.  While her coworkers and even her boss told her not to call any of us (which makes no sense) for fear we would steal the ring (or it would stay lost right?) she did.  She told me that it was lost a month ago in the river, when actually it had been 4 months but she was worried that I wouldn’t try to help her.  After explaining that we find things lost for years etc., I started to get information about this place form her point of view and where the canoe flipped, the bottom composition as she remembered it, and the speed/condition of the river at the time.  She mentioned that the river was very high and moving very fast. When we arrived months later it was a lot lower however still very strong.  I called Craig to help me dive for this, because as we all know, fast moving water is a hazard in and of itself.  Getting trapped was not what I wanted of course.  While the river was very low and we probably looked like a couple of morons with tanks sticking out of the water, I knew it would be the best way to keep the search going, knowing the bottom composition would change rapidly and in eddies, the silt etc., doesn’t just flow downstream.  At any rate, the ring was found by both Craig and I (checking each other’s signals) in a pocket 5 feet away from where she flipped (gold is 25X heavier than water).

Janelle couldn’t believe it until I sent her a picture of the ring (after she described it again) and we met an hour later down the road.  She brought reward money, “This is all we have for the rest of the month” and with her baby in her hand and knowing her story, I declined any payment.  It was a great experience, and again, paying it forward.  By the way, I also found this little guy (the turtle) about 10 feet away from the ring and surfaced with both. 🙂