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Returned Lost school ring in Whitman-Hanson Massachusetts

from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)
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On July 4th i was detecting an older beach that gets little use now.After about 4 hours i came out of the water and was greeted by a gentleman that I’ve been greeted by before and he asked how i did. I told him pretty good i got 4 gold rings and ones a class ring. He asked if it was a woman’s ring which i said yes,was it from Whitman-Hanson a said yes,he gave a date range(she wants to keep that private)i said yes, and are the initials —(also keeping private)I said yes he said her mother is right over there on the neighbors deck. I went over and introduced myself and said i would like to return her daughters ring.She looked at me and i think i could see a tear.I gave her my number and told her to have her daughter call me  because i want to get the ring cleaned up first before i return it.Its been a couple weeks but on July 24 i met with her and gave her ring back, as you can see she was quite great full.

Lost Ring Found After 27 yrs! Isilp, LI, NY

from Glendale (Arizona, United States)
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I was talking to my friend Bobby about my adventures in metal detecting and some of the items i have found.  Kidding around he said “maybe you can find my class ring that i lost in my dads backyard 27 yrs ago.”

I said are you sure you lost it there, he said yes.  I then said let’s go find it,  so we went off to look for the ring, we both laughed not really thinking we would find it.

Two oil filters and 30 min’s later I found it about 5 inches deep…  My friend and his ring were reuninted after 27 yrs!

Its been on his finger ever since.

If you need help finding your lost ring,  please give me a call.

Lost for 27 years!