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Returned Lost school ring in Whitman-Hanson Massachusetts

  • from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)

On July 4th i was detecting an older beach that gets little use now.After about 4 hours i came out of the water and was greeted by a gentleman that I’ve been greeted by before and he asked how i did. I told him pretty good i got 4 gold rings and ones a class ring. He asked if it was a woman’s ring which i said yes,was it from Whitman-Hanson a said yes,he gave a date range(she wants to keep that private)i said yes, and are the initials —(also keeping private)I said yes he said her mother is right over there on the neighbors deck. I went over and introduced myself and said i would like to return her daughters ring.She looked at me and i think i could see a tear.I gave her my number and told her to have her daughter call meĀ  because i want to get the ring cleaned up first before i return it.Its been a couple weeks but on July 24 i met with her and gave her ring back, as you can see she was quite great full.