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Two Lost Rings Found Below the High Tide Line in Sausalito

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796

Sarah lost her wedding ring set on a beach in the Sausalito marina.

Michael called me on Monday afternoon. His wife Sarah was on a beach in the Sausalito marina, where she had just lost her wedding and engagement rings. We arranged for me to meet Sarah at the beach on Tuesday afternoon, just after high tide.

As you can see from the photos, the beach is not large. Sarah had placed her rings on her blanket to apply sunscreen, then picked up the blanket and followed her young son around the beach before noticing the rings were missing. We plotted out the search zones where the rings were most likely to have fallen: Zone 1 where she picked up the blanket, Zone 2 where she first carried it along the beach, Zone 3 where she threw the blanket over her shoulder and chased her son down to the water line, and finally Zone 4 where she followed him along the water, and shook out the blanket near the seawall.

I searched Zone 1 thoroughly, finding only coins and bottle caps. Rings tend to fall quickly, so this was the most likely place to find them. But after two passes from different directions, I knew they weren’t there. Same story in Zone 2: Two passes, no results.

It was starting to get dark, but I still did two passes on Zone 3, theorizing that Sarah had been running at this point, so the rings could have been flung to either side of her path. No joy.

By the time I got to the waterline, it was full night. The nearby lights gave more glare than anything else. The only good news was that since I started searching, the tide had dropped to the same level as when the rings were lost. Because of the salt water in the damp sand, my metal detector was giving me strange readings for common targets-iron was ringing as copper or brass. After 30 minutes searching Zone 4, I got a copper penny tone. Given the salt water effect, I assumed the target was going to be either a penny or a nail. But in fact it was neither, it was the wedding band, with diamonds all the way around and engraving on both sides. Beautiful!

It took another 20 minutes, but I found the matching engagement ring a couple of feet away. Success! The two rings made a beautiful set. They had both been underwater when I started searching, but the receding tied had left them in damp sand. The search had taken three hours, but it was worth it in the end.

Sarah’s wedding set.

Small beach, but still lots of sand to search for the missing rings!

Two Lost Rings Found on Stinson Beach, Marin County

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Two lost rings found on Stinson Beach

Two lost rings found on Stinson Beach

Peggy and Norton were enjoying their annual vacation at Stinson Beach in Marin County. They were spending a beautiful day on the beach when Peggy put her wedding and engagement rings in her hat while she applied suntan lotion. A bit later, when she put the hat back on, the rings were flung into the deep, dry sand where they instantly disappeared.

We made it up a couple of days later. Peggy had carefully noted where she had been sitting when she lost the rings, so we had a good starting point. Eryn started searching and heard no tones at all, meaning the beach was very clean. After about two minutes, she heard her first tone, stuck her hand deep in the sand, and pulled up one ring. A foot away, another tone, and she found the other ring.

This was an easy search because Peggy knew exactly where she was sitting when she lost the rings. If you lose your rings, please look around and mark your location by landmarks like trees, light poles, rocks, or fences. If you can give us a reasonable area to search, you increase your chances of recovery significantly.

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Lost wedding and engagement rings found


Two Lost Rings Found in Sausalito

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Catherine with her parent's wedding rings

Cynthia with her parent’s wedding rings

Cynthia always wears her mother’s and father’s wedding rings, which are beautiful hand-made antiques from Chile. She was wearing them last weekend while gardening in her back yard. Unfortunately, when she flung some clippings over the fence, the rings flew off too. After searching fruitlessly for the rings, she searched the web for Metal Detector Rental and found TheRingFinders.

Cynthia lives on a hill in Sausalito, with a view of the marina from the back. Like many Marin County back yards, her back yard slopes steeply downward. The rings were most likely somewhere on that slope. The first thing we did was to repeat the accident with a “ring on a string,” another gold ring attached to a bright red ribbon so that it would be hard to lose. After five tosses, we could see that the ring consistently landed in a zone starting about 10 feet down the slope. That’s where I started searching.

The hill was covered with thick ivy. Unfortunately, the ivy also covered large rocks, tree stumps, and even some old terrace walls. These hidden obstructions created lots of hollows and crevices that could conceal the rings. I attached the small 6″ search coil to my metal detector, but some areas were so small that I still had to search many areas on hands and knees with a handheld detector.

After an hour on the slope, I had covered the entire target zone with no luck. Further down the hill, the slope was too steep to search. But I still hadn’t detected the area above the target zone, closer to the fence.

Within five minutes of starting to search the new area I pulled out the first ring. Six inches away I found the second one. Both were just eight feet from the fence. The rings were as beautiful as Cynthia had described them, and she was extremely happy to get them back.

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Lost antique heirloom rings found in Sausalito

Found: Lost Platinum Wedding Band in Mill Valley

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Lost Platinum Wedding Band Found in Mill Valley Front Yard

Lost Platinum Wedding Band Found in Mill Valley Front Yard

Last week we were contacted about a missing platinum wedding ring at a home in Mill Valley. The house sits on a small flat yard above a steep slope down to the street, with amazing views of San Francisco Bay and Sausalito. The downside is, it’s a long walk up the stairs from the street for everyone, including the owners. But what a view!

The owner had been using his Weed Whacker to clear brush on the slope when he hit a subterranean wasp nest. Next thing he knows, he’s covered with wasps. After stomping, whacking and wiping wasps off his legs while running back up to the house, he discovered his wedding ring was missing.

Ring Finders to the rescue! Two searchers with two metal detectors started by hunting for about ten minutes on the flat grass at the top, then moved down to search the hill. After another twenty minutes, it started to rain… After searching for an hour on the hill, we were about to pack it in and wait for better weather. But we decided to try once more on the flat yard back up near the house, and found the ring!

Missing platinum ring found at Mill Valley home

Here’s what the owner had to say:

“Still can’t really believe it” is all that can be said. Like the Postman, The Ring Finders worked through the inclement weather, on the side of a steep hill, under and around sticker bushes, all with the goal of locating our cherished wedding band. Little did we realize that their fundamental task was applying the expertise from their craft to truly help others, both in their efforts to find our lost ring, but then going the extra step of donating a portion of any reward to a worthy and charitable cause. We doubly thank Dave for his time and energies devoted to searching for, and ultimately locating, our ring. We could not have done it without them … we tried. Their don’t give up attitude was infectious to be around, and hopefully makes us all consider how to utilize our talents and time to help others. Thank you.