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Lost Ring … San Clemete, CA. … found at beach volley ball court

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NEW YEARS DAY ..Jan.1, 2014

It’s a beautiful sunny first day of 2014 and I received a call from Hamilton at 9 am. He lost his wedding ring yesterday while playing volleyball at the beach. Some of Hamilton’s friends searched through the sand for a couple hours with no success. Later that night his wife, Karen got on the computer to try to purchase or rent a metal detector when she located and my contact information.
After setting up a meeting location, I grabed another cup of coffee to drive 24 miles down senic Pacific Coast Hwy.
When I met Hamilton he told me the rest of the story. He had lost his original wedding ring 6 months ago and his wife had bought him a new ring and given it to him for Christmas. He had only had it on for less than a week before losing the new one. Normally Hamilton said he would have taken it off when doing any kind of sport activity, but he was proud to be wearing his new ring. He is in the military and will be leaving in 4 days for 6 months of duty out of the country.
We got to the volley ball court and I asked him what type of material the ring was made of which turned out to be important. It was Silver and Gold and it came up as an unusual reading of 1-46 on my Minelab CTX 3030 detector. It’s easy to get lazy and listen for a low tone or a gold/silver/tunsten ID number, but mixed metals give odd readings on the newer detectors. The ring was found after 5 minutes of searching and less than 2 hours after receiving the call.
New years eve was probably a downer for them, but it was a privilege to help them start the new year by finding his wedding ring.
The smile on Hamilton’s and Karen’s face was one more for me to remember. It was certainly a special way to start off a new year for me too.