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  • from Avon (North Carolina, United States)

Kayla’s testimonial-
As we were coming to the end of our wonderful vacation in Frisco my now fiancé walks up to me and tells me he dropped the ring in the sand, we scattered and looked for it until we finally gave up and that’s when Nate came to the rescue. Nate and my fiancé and other friends spent over three hours looking for the ring and it was finally recovered because of Nate’s determination. If it wasn’t for ring finders I would not be engaged. After almost 8 years of my fiancé and I being together we wouldn’t officially be engaged without the help of Nate and his good heart. Thank you so much for all that you have done for us!

Michaels testimonial
I planned to propose to my girlfriend on the beach at sunset and when I went to pull the ring out I realize it had fallen in the sand. I was able to contact Nate and he came in a hurry determined to help me find this ring. Mind you this was almost 12 at night by this point. He was so positive about the whole situation even though I was freaking out, and found it three hours later. We cannot be more thankful enough for Nate’s kindness and determination in finding a ring that I’ve spent so much time on so it was perfect for my fiancé. I think he understood how important this ring was to us and if it wasn’t for him I would not of been able to ask my girlfriend to marry me. Thank you again for all of your help we can’t thank you enough!