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Gold Wedding Ring Lost In Backyard Garden… Found by Del Witters

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

Paul’s email let me know he needed to find a ring at their home and they were moving soon. I called him the next day and made arrangements to meet today in Milwaukie, OR; what a beautiful Columbia Gorge ride on my motorcycle. Once I arrived he gave me the play-by-play. He was on the roof when he handed his wedding band to his wife and she put it in her shorts pocket only to discover it missing the next day. They believed it to be in the garden raised beds or backyard and borrowed a co-workers metal detector but had no luck finding it. Fast forward a month and Shawna found my Ring Finder profile and they put things in motion. My plan was to cover 3 of the 4 raised garden beds followed by the back and side yards before we had to remove the chicken wire off the 4th bed which would ruin the tomato plants. Two hours later and no ring so Paul ripped the wire off, shredding the tomato plants; mini-tomatoes were everywhere! The very last corner, of that raised bed, held the prize… Paul’s white gold wedding band, priceless!

Home Sold, Ring Found, time to move!  Thank you Paul & Shawna for the call and I wish you the best in your future home and marriage.

Paul, Milwaukie OR  Pauls ring


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