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Lost Wedding Ring Recovered in Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call from Tina, her 84 year old Dad had lost his wedding ring in the yard while doing some fall cleanup. They were hoping I may be able to find it for him. Edward was crushed when he lost his ring as his wife had passed away just four years ago and the ring meant everything to him.      I went over the next day, we discussed where he remembered having it on last he explained, he had been doing some gardening in the back yard and didn’t notice the ring was gone until later when he was in the house.   Fortunately the yard was nicely lawned and there was only a few trees.  I started scanning the lawn with my Garret ATPRO and after only 3 passes across the width of the yard I got a loud gold signal and saw just under the thatch the glimmer of his gold ring.  Edward was so happy to get it back .  

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Lost Wedding Ring Recovered

Another satisfied customer of The Ring Finders.

Edward was thrilled to get his Wedding Ring back

Edward was thrilled to get his Wedding Ring back