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Sentimental ring found in Ottawa and reunited with owner!

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

When Sam was 4 her parents had a friend who was a dentist. He had a lot of unwanted gold fillings that he had collected. His clients often said they didn’t want them so in a bin they went. He had given some to Sam’s parents and they had them melted down into two baby rings. One for Sam and the other for her brother. Sam was out at a rugby practice when she noticed noticed her ring was missing. She had it in her pocket during practice. Alison Walker a fellow Ring Finder from the Toronto area contacted me saying she just came across someone who lost their ring in Ottawa and referred us. Sam wasn’t able to meet us but sent us a snapshot from google earth marking out the area she was practicing. She had no idea exactly where but she had narrowed it down to approximately to half the field. I was thinking to myself that even with Eric and I both, this would take some time. It was a large area and we were searching for a small gold ring. I look at the field and started right on the center line. Thinking this will make it easier to grid.¬† I swing a few passes hearing a lot of signals but nothing close to the surface. My first possible signal I go to search for it but my hand held detector faulted. Eric passed me his and returns to the car to look for a spare. I get the signal and spread out the grass and what do you know! There was her ring! Unsure how I was able to find it so quickly but super excited I did! We send her the picture! She sends us back a message saying “OMG” with many crying emojis “Thank you!!! You guys are amazing”. We had to pass through down town and met up with her to return the ring. I was so happy to give her the ring back and I think I got about 5 hugs ha ha! The best part of the ring recovery is to see the happy smiles! Love doing these returns!