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Lost Custom Wedding Ring Recovered in Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I received a phone call from Ashton this evening he was at a local community lake in Calgary and had lost his Gold Wedding Ring, as you can imagine this had great sentimental value to him and he was hoping I would be available in the morning. Unfortunately I had an appointment that would keep me all tomorrow morning so even though it was 8:30 pm I suggested that I would meet him this evening for a water hunt.

It was a 30 minute drive and we met as arranged at the gate to the community lake I set to work right away we placed parking cones on the shore to delineate the area to be searched and he suggested that he had only gone out to about waist deep. Armed with my Garrett ATPRO (water proof to 10 feet deep and my sand Scoop) I started searching the deepest part first, the area was about 15 meters from the beach and the width was about 30 meters wide Approx. square meters.

After 3 passes across the width of the area, te water getting shallower with each pass Ashton said they will be closing the gates and kicking us out in about 5 minutes ( 10:00 pm) I said we will keep trying until they make us leave, he suggested halving the search area based on time wee had left. which we did as i was heading for the beach I got a resounding signal with an ID of 64 in went the scoop and out came Ashton’s Ring the look on his face was priceless. It was in only .5 meter of water and about 2 cm in the sand just enough not to e seen.

Ashton was extremely grateful and relieved as I had been showing him the coins , Pull tabs and junk I had been pulling up as we searched. Another happy customer of The Ring Finders.
Thank you for the generous reward Ashton!

Ashton and Ring Ashtons Ring no Hand