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Found: Lost Wedding Ring at Pixar in Emeryville

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
James found his lost wedding ring at Pixar

James found his lost wedding ring at Pixar

James contacted us this week from Pixar Animation in Emeryville. He was playing volleyball on the sand court on the grounds, and felt his wedding ring fly off when he set the ball. Gold rings usually sink right into sand, and this was no exception. The good news was, unlike our recent adventure in Stinson Beach where the ring ended up eight inches down, this sand was only six inches deep, and there was no water or waves.

James searched the web for metal detector rentals in San Francisco or Oakland. Soon he found The Ring Finders. We met him at Pixar a few days later. First James gave us a cool tour around the facility. We had to sign a Non Disclosure agreement, so we can’t tell you what we saw, but it’s an exciting place where everyone works hard and has fun (I can tell you there was an RC helicopter flying around the lobby atrium!) Eventually we had to get to work, so James walked us out to the volleyball court.

The first thing we did was reenact the event. When our test ring flew off James’ finger, we could see that it didn’t go far, not nearly as far as the volleyball. So we started our search near where he was standing. Reenacting usually works, and this was no exception: the metal detector started beeping within 45 seconds. The ring was about three inches under the sand. Another successful recovery!