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Cherished Engagement Ring Rescued From Rottnest Island, Perth, Western Australia.

Tori had been enjoying a relax at the beach, well two beaches to be exact after she and her fiancee had taken their small fishing boat across

Hello, I was told you could be found around here!

to Rottnest Island for a bit of R&R. When she checked her bag later in the evening Tori discovered that her precious was missing. Luckily they had asked for help at the information centre who have one of my cards and not long later I got a call from Tori to explain what had happened.

I organised to meet them on the island early the next day but as I was leaving Fremantle on the Rottnest ferry they had had to set sail for home due to a fresh northerly wind coming up.

After questioning Tori about the loss I felt the most likely of the two beaches to search would be at Pinky Beach so I set off from the wharf on my mountain bike for the north shore of the island. I’d had Tori send me a gps drop pin for both locations and soon found the Pinky Beach gps point. I began a methodical search of the area around this point untill I had covered the full width of the beach. After having no joy I marked out an extension of the serach area with my feet and as I was doing that right at the base of the stairs to the lighthouse I heard a sweet n soft double tone in my earphones. A quick check of my target i.d. numbers confirmed the likelyhood my ears hadn’t been lying!

Wharf reunion smiles…

Sure enough a quick feel in the dry sand at the nose of my coil revealed a lovely white gold and diamond engagement ring. As I’d gotten a little lucky on this ring search and I had not been there all that long, perhaps 40 mins, I thought how can I have a bit of fun with this?? I decided to put the ring on a rock in the background and then video called Tori to “ask a few more questions”. I cracked pretty quickly (as I couldn’t contain my excitement about finding it) and then said “does it look like this one?” and pointed to it as I moved my phones camera closer to the rock so she could see it!

Tori was so happy when she realised I had already managed to find her precious, when it had looked like it could take a long time to search both beaches with a chance she had not actually lost it at the beach but perhaps somewhere in between.

I met Tori and her fiancee at the wharf when I returned. It really was a rewarding experience to hand the ring back to her as it was easy to see that the ring really did mean a great deal to both of them. Their smile pic says it all.. and this is why I love what I do…

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