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Lost Gold Wedding Band in Pemberton Meadows…FOUND!

from Whistler (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-604-848-4030

I had a very quick search the other day, as I got a call from a a guy who had lost his wedding ring while on a snowmobile trip up the Pemberton vally. We arranged a time to go up there and get his ring back. Matt picked me up from my house and we made our way up there. It was a beauty of a day, which was nice for a change as the weather has been cold and wet for some time. We got to the area where they were unloading their sleds, which was covered in snow 2 weeks before. All that was left was a snowbank off to the side of the parking lot. I walked around the snow looking for the ring before even setting up the metal detector as it was a small pile and I would be able to see it if it was there. After no ring in the snow, I looked to the side of the snow bank and down in the rocks was a shiny gold ring! We couldn’t belive I had found it so quick and without the detector. The ring was in a good spot kind of out of the way, between the snow bank and a big pile of rocks. It had been sitting there for about 2 weeks or so. Had it been out in the open, chances are someone would have seen it and picked it up. Matt was so happy to get his ring back and I was happy to help. The ring had been on his finger for 21 years and now it can stay for 21 more. Thank you for the generous reward Matt.

I LOVE what I do…