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Ring Found Peachland BC Canada

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Contacted Tracy about an ad that she had up for a lost wedding ring:

Hi James,
Thanks for your call! I don’t even know that I can give you much more information, other than a timeline of my day. As I said in the ad, I’m not sure when I lost the ring and, unfortunately, it was a very busy day that had me from Winfield to Silver Lake camp in Peachland. It seems like a lost cause. I am going to contact the camp to see if it fell of while I was loading my son’s things into the car and we stopped to hide a geocache on the way down so I could give you the coordinates of that as I was thinking of going back there but thought there was no hope I’d find it in all the dust and rocks. It was right after that that I noticed it was missing. I would love to think there was a chance I could get it back.

Let me know what you think!

We had agreed to meet on Friday morning to go over the site.  She informed me that she would go up to the area before we met to see if she could find the place again without a problem.  Luck was on her side:

Hi James,
I went up to the spot where I thought the ring may have been lost so I could get you to it exactly. We wandered around a bit and I retraced my steps as best as I could. Unbelivably, on my way back down one of the hills, I found the ring in the ditch! I guess we won’t need to meet on Friday to search for it but I wanted to say thank you, so much, for contacting me. If it wasn’t for your call, I wouldn’t have headed back as I thought it was a lost cause. I am so appreciative.

Thanks again!

In the end, owner and ring are united!