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Ring Found!.. Keyboard used in locating ring! Owner and Family Ring Reunited!

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Well this one was a first for me.  I have often wondered about this type of find, but I never thought I would see one.  Let me set the story.  I was working on an “angle search”.  What I mean by angel search is that the lost item was lost in such a location, or in certain circumstances that it is highly unlikely to be found by us.  Either it was picked up by Joe public because it has no place to hide, or the search area is the size of a city, like in this case.  I was contacted by a lady that had lost a ring somewhere around Kelowna… Right away I know this is an angle search.  It is not uncommon, I mean you get used to having your ring on and don’t really think about it until you notice it’s no longer on your hand.  Then you frantically go back in your mind to where you last remember paying attention to it still being on.  In this case it was before going shopping down town in Kelowna for the day and noticing it is missing when she arrived home in Vernon.  Utilizing the power of the Internet, I was able to connect the person who lost the ring, with the person who found it!  Now I can’t tell you how this is done because it’s a trade secret, and in the wrong hands, could be dangerous.

Safe to say, I then phone up the lady who lost the ring and promptly told her that her ring is found, but that it’s in Saskatoon because the people who found it have already returned home from their vacation.  After a few phone calls and e-mails, the lady who lost the ring will be reunited with her family ring on the 20th of this month, from the people who found it.

No metal detectors were harmed in the search for this ring.

Pictures are promised for our smiles section of our site and will be posted after the 2oth

When you loose your ring… anything is possible, and never give up hope!  I love what I do, and every ring has a great story.