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Wedding Ring lost in Montauk Point

  • from Jones Beach (New York, United States)

Received a text from Tevor that he lost his wedding ring the night before at a bond fire on the beach. He asked if I could come out first thing in the mourning as he had a flight back to California mid day and had to be at the airport to check in. He gave me the address of beach and I headed out.  When I got there he had mark the area that he was in, and asked how long did I think it would take I stated that since he had mark off the area it should not take long.  Started my search and within a few minutes I had the Ring.  He was amazed that I had found it so quick.  As I was leaving his wife came out of the house and asked, with a big smile Tevor held up his hand to show the ring. another happy couple.


Ray Johnson

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Lost Ear Ring Montauk Point Surf Club

  • from Jones Beach (New York, United States)

Saturday mourning received text that a  ring was lost Friday night.  It is a 3 hour drive and I told Ima That I would be out early afternoon.

When I got there, they said it an ear ring, which was either lost in the parking lot or at the beach.  While they were checking out of there room I searched the parking lot with no success.  We then when down to the beach and I searched from the entrance to the area that they said they were sitting.  I started a search of the area that they were sitting . It was difficult because the chairs and umbrellas had been taken down from the night before.  Ima remembered seeing some orange sand. after doing a visual search I spotted some and started a search.  after a few minutes I got a signal that was the same as the other ear ring. A little sand digging and there it was, after a few shanks to rid the sand from the ear ring I handed it to Ima. The photo says it all.

Ima with her matching ear ring