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Sentimental Dog Name Tag Found and Returned – Tutukaka, NZ

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

Not all recoveries are planned.

I was doing a casual hunt at Tutukaka the other week, and dug a pets name tag, Rizla.

I always offer found tags to the owners, in case the pet has passed and they would like them as a keepsake.

It had two cell phone numbers on the reverse, one was not connected (unsurprising as the tag had been there a while).

The other put me in touch with Scott, Rizlas previous owner still living in Ngunguru.

Rizla is still alive, although now residing on the other side of the planet, in the UK.

Scott was very pleased to hear I had found it and met me in Ngunguru the other day so I could hand it back to him.



Tungsten Ring Lost in Sea at Tutukaka – Found!

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

Bryans partner contacted me asking if I was able to assist with recovering his ring, lost while playing in the shallows at Kowharewa Bay near Tutukaka.
He had been larking around, and had thrown a clump of seaweed…and his tungsten ring.
Their efforts to find it visually were unsuccessful, and even as his partner messaged me, Bryan was out looking for it on the the low tide.
I arrived a while before they did the next day, and started the search in front of the popular swimming area, albeit on entirely the wrong section of beach – which is precisely why I always ask that someone always meets me on site.
Bryan duly arrived and indicated where he had been, and in which direction he had thrown the seaweed – This shifted the search area, and increased the odds of a successful recovery signficantly.
I did a cursory search of the beach above the waterline, before returning to the car and rekitting for a water search.
After returning to the search area, I was in around waist deep water and before long got that lovely ‘double hit’ return in the headphones.
The scoop came up with shell, gravels and sand which, when flushed, left a few shells and … Bryans tungsten ring.

I held it up to Bryan who was in the water a few metres away, which generated smiles all round.

Bryan wasn’t keen on a photo, so you’ll have to make do with me, sorry.