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Lost wedding band recovered after Two Years.

  • from Yarmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

Chris and His recovered wedding band

March ,28 2022 – Today I received a phone call while I was on a local beach detecting. Chris had explained that he had lost his 14Kt White Gold wedding band on his property and was on the Ringfinders site and noticed I was in his town. Speaking with him I told him I could be over within the hour. Once I arrived,Chris explained he had lost the ring 2 years ago while cleaning his yard, he threw Leaves over a fence into the woods and he noticed the ring had come off. He has searched since then (2020) for the ring with no success, even considering buying a detector himself. The area the ring went into is heavily overgrown with briars and has a health depth of leaves and debris.He does maintain a clear path around the fence which was wonderful and helpful in the search. After discussing all the details of the event a few years ago, I started to search the inner yard near the fence seeing there could be a chance it came off and dropped in the immediate area. After searching the area no real targets presented themselves, so I moved to the outside of the fence. This was a difficult area due to years of things accumulating not only leaves but ( foil, nails, etc) I decided I would make a search first before changing to my sniper coil. as I moved to the area where he said he threw the leaves I had gotten some mixed signals, After digging a few targets I found a piece of foil an inch down in the natural peat, using my pointer I still had a signal and right below the foil was His beautiful ring with a few diamonds showing. The ring had migrated down 2 inches since he had lost it. Needless to say Chris was very happy as you can see in the picture, and I was relieved because I certainly thought briars and thorns were going to be a part of my search for a good portion of the time .hank you or Calling Chris I was very happy to help you find the ring, as well as talking about a few other things.



Lost Ring Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

  • from Yarmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

Hello to all, My Name is Lou Sarkas, I just joined The Ring Finders, Im over here on the East Coast of the USA on Cape Cod. I figured this would be a great way to help people who may be having a little bit of a tough time, during these tough times. I am a Medically retired Firefighter/EMT/ Rescue diver with a little bit of time on y hand, so hopefully I can be of service to someone and help make their day a little brighter. Nice to meet you all. I am not a big “blogger” but I will give it ia whirl. God Bless and thanks for reading my post.