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Wedding Ring Lost at Captiva Island, FL Found and Returned to Owner!

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

imageimage Jonathan Hastings (pictured) lost his wedding band while enjoying the warm Gulf waters of Sunset Beach at South Seas Island Resort, Captiva Island, Florida.  It wasn’t until Jonathan returned home to New York that he gave me a call/email.

After discussing all the details of how, when and where the ring was lost, I asked Jonathan to contact the resort for permission to look for his gold ring.  After permission was granted, my wife and I headed out to the beach resort equipped with our Minelab CTX 3030.

After an hour and a half of searching, I got the clear gold tone I had been waiting and listening for.  Success–I had found his ring!

Arrangements were made for us to mail his ring back to him and the ring is back in the hands of the rightful owner as the picture shows.

Thank you Jonathan for the generous reward!


Lost Gold Ring at Sanibel Island, FL. . .Found!

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)
















I received a call from Keith early Sunday morning who had lost a treasured / sentimental ring the day before at Blind Pass between Sanibel and Captiva islands.  Keith explained that the ring he lost was very special to him as it had been passed down several generations in the family and he was to pass it on to his son.

I made arrangements with Keith for my wife and I to meet him later in the afternoon when the gulf tide was lowest.  When we arrived, Keith explained that he was not sure of the exact spot where he lost his ring.  He could have lost the ring in a couple different areas where he had been fishing in up to chest-deep water or an area of dry sand where he had set up chairs and an umbrella.  (All these areas combined involved a lot of ground to search.)    To make conditions even a bit more difficult, the water was wavy with a strong current.

My wife and I decided to start searching the water first.  After an hour had passed with no success, I began searching the dry sand and then another area of water where Keith thought the ring could be while my wife continued searching the shallows.  Another 45 minutes went by and still no ring.  After getting tired of battling the waves and current my wife decided to search the dry sand again–this time expanding the search area past where Keith thought the ring might be.  After about 15 minutes,  my wife waved to Keith and I that she had found the ring.  Another success story!

Thanks Keith for calling us and we are so glad you have the ring back to pass down to your son!