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Precious lost engagement ring found in Ottawa

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

On Saturday Chelsea and her fiancé were visiting Ottawa and walking back from a festival when she felt her engagement ring fly off, she heard a ding and it was gone. The ring was a little big for her and she had not gotten it sized yet. A large crowd of people assisted in there search, it was dark and they had no success. The next day they purchased a metal detector and went back to search. They even used a lawn trimmer to cut down the taller grass. Still with no luck, they searched for hours. Giving up and they returned back home to Sudbury.

They decided to post up their experience in a Facebook group. This is when someone told them to contact Laurie and Eric in Ottawa. They had seen a few of our success stories. (Thank you for the referral). They found our contact information with The Ring Finders and gave us a call.

We were just finishing up supper when the phone rang, it was Chelsea’s fiancé. They explained to us what happened, I was pretty confident we would find it, I told her to give us an hour and at 8 we should call them with an update.

We started our search, I took to curb strip as Eric took the other side of the walkway. We both finished our one swing wide pass along both sides. This is when I met a gentleman walking a dog and looking on the ground, he said he was there when it was lost and tried to help. He mentioned how there was a group of them but it was way to dark out.

I decided to expand the search a little further as Eric went on his second row up a slight hill. Approximately 6 feet from the walkway. Another couple were walking down the path towards us, this is when Eric raises his hand in the air and yells got it! The other couple comes running over, saying oh my gosh you found it, she then says I can give it back to her she’s my best friend! She quickly video calls Chelsea, the excitement was wild! She cupped her hands over her face and sobbed, I heard her say he’s crying too as she looks over at her fiancé. Of course I had to join in and cry too ha ha! Another happy ending!