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Metal-detector enthusiasts ease the sting of losing the bling – The Columbus Dispatch

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)

By  Lori Kurtzman The Columbus Dispatch Thursday June 21, 2012 9:24 AM


A Blacklick couple got into an argument one night last month. Cooler heads did not prevail.

It might have felt satisfying, what the man did, but it proved to be a bad decision because, once you chuck your fiancee’s engagement ring into the pitch black of your backyard, chances are you’re not getting it back.

Unless you know Jon Baughman — or any of the other Ring Finders.

They’re a worldwide collective of metal-detector enthusiasts who claim more than 430 successful recoveries of rings lost to wild gestures, extreme gardening and lovers’ quarrels.

“I guess that happens quite a bit,” said Baughman, a Licking County Ring Finder, recalling the email he got from the woman asking him to find her ring in a patch of thick weeds and water. Her fiance had launched it in that direction.

Baughman is 27, a father of two with a third on the way in Washington Township, near Utica. Right now, the former Army National Guardsman is looking for work, so he figured he’d try to make some cash from the hobby his wife’s grandfather introduced him to years ago.

A few months ago, he came across the Ring Finders website, which was started by a Canadian man who seems to enjoy nothing more than reuniting people with their jewelry. The site is full of success stories, emotional tales of lost rings. In one story, a finder salvages a clumsy proposal by digging up the ring a brain surgeon buried in the beach sand and promptly lost.

Baughman added his name to the directory in February.

He charges $25 to respond to a call. He figures that’s enough for gas and a Gatorade. He’s more interested in helping than making money. He asks for a reward only if he actually finds the ring.

The ring in Blacklick initially eluded him. He had the fiance throw test rings, trying to re-create the mood of that night, seeing where the diamond might have landed. But after three hours of searching, he lost the sunlight and found nothing.

He came back another day and worked quickly, already familiar with the area. Within 15 minutes, there it was — a shiny little declaration of love.

He texted a photo of the ring to the fiancee. She was elated.For perhaps obvious reasons, the woman asked not to be identified in this story, but she said she and her fiance are getting along much better now. They plan to marry by the end of summer.

Baughman doesn’t get sentimental about such things. He’s a detective, not a therapist.

“The main thing is being satisfied that you did find the ring,” Baughman said. “And next time they throw it, they’ve already got your number there to call.”



Gold Signet Ring for 8yr Old found after 3 weeks

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)


Hello from Don & Ellen Wilson in Dallas, Texas.  We got a call today from Mrs Bundy, her 8yr old daughter, Briar, had lost her Gold Signet Ring at the playground of the local Country Club.  We met at the Country Club and began searching the area where the daughter said she saw the ring fly off her hand.  She was playing Queen of the World by standing on top of a picnic table and threw her arm out like she was Queen. The ring came off of her hand and was lost.

After 3 weeks of searching by Briar, her parents, other family members and the Country Club grounds & Management staff everyone had given the ring up for lost.  Mrs Bundy’s sister in New York read an article about  “The Ring Finders” and told Mrs. Bundy she should check the website and see if there was a “Ring Finder in the Dallas area”  She did and found my wife and I.

After about an hour of searching we were about to call it quits when I asked the little girl to get back up on the picnic table and re-inact the event.  She did, then my wife said “no wait, do it again and close your eyes and do it the exact same way”.  Briar did as we requested and did it completely different than she had previously showed us.  This time I saw that it was possible the ring may have  flown in a different area of grass.  We began to detect this area and in 5 minutes the ring showed itself.  I called the little girl and her mother over and asked, ‘is this your ring’?  They were so excited and so grateful.

Another great day in the life of “The Ring Finders in Dallas,Tx”

God I love this hobby!

Don & Ellen

Lost Locket & Gold Chain found! Arlington,Texas

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We  received a panic call from a young man about 8pm one night saying that his girlfriend had lost the locket and chain he had given her somewhere in his front yard.  He wanted us come that night but we were tied up and promised to come early the next morning.  We arrived around 7am and he explained that he and his girlfriend had been playing around in the front yard when the incident happened. She had placed the item in the pocket of her hoodie prior to playing around.  She was extremely upset with him and he was really upset that he couldn’t find it himself.

We got out our detectors and began scanning and in just 5 minutes or so we got a HIT.  We found the locket and chain. He was shocked and happy and could not thank us enough.

What a thrill to have another successful hunt for “The Ring Finder”.

Don & Ellen Wilson – Carrollton,Texas

Lost Ring Warwick, Providence, Rhode Island


    Hi my name is Laurence Fielding. I am a Professional metal detectorist and Know what it is like to lose something of great sentemental  value. I am here to help you. That’s why I joined THE RING FINDERS . The sooner you contact me the better the chance we have of finding your lost item.

Lost Ring After Iron Man Race Found – Cross Plains, WI

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)

Gold Ring (20110913)_crop

I saw a posting on Lost and Found section looking for help in locating a lost ring.  Brian had been spectating the Ironman race the past weekend. After the race, he found a wooded area off of the route to change into some shorts.  He then walked back to the race route, which ran directly past a rural house.  Brian picked a spot in front of a driveway and encouraged others still running the race.  Suddenly, Brian realized his ring was missing.  He retraced his steps back to the wooded area, searching for his ring along the way.  He did not have any luck.  He wasn’t sure if he lost it while changing in the woods, or while watching the race.  It was getting dark, so Brian grabbed a flashlight and continued hunting for his ring.  He searched for awhile longer, but did not find anything.  Brian was so mad at himself for losing his ring. To top it all off, he was from Illinois and had to return home the next day.  This is when Brian posted an ad on Craigslist hoping someone else had found it while watching the race.

I responded to the ad offering to help.  Robyn, Brian’s wife, replied back with a great image of a Google Map snapshot, including the area Brian was in circled in red.  She indicated the main area to search was the driveway.  My son and I made arrangements with the homeowner to stop out and search.  The grass was longer than usual, so I could see how it would be hard to find the ring if it was dropped.  After about 10 mins, all we had was $0.35 in change, a couple pop tops and a handful of other junk.  Then, right in the area Robyn said to focus on, we got a strong hit on the detector … it was Brian’s ring!  Someone must have stepped on it, possibly Brian while searching for it.   It was about 1 inch underground, but was easy to retrieve.  I then gave Brian a call to give him the good news, he was ecstatic.  You could just tell the relief in his voice when I was talking with him.

This was a special hunt for me, as this was our first wedding ring search and return … we’ve been hooked ever since


Brian and Robyn L.

RobynBrian        Gold Ring2 (20110913)

Ring finder in Minneapolis/St. Paul/Champlin/Anoka

Just wish to give a little introduction. My name is Corey Osmundson and I live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota in the city of Champlin. I have been a metal detectorist for over 20 years and have always been intrigued by the many facets of this great hobby. Just months after buying my first detector, my wife was talking with a co-worker one day at her job and her friend began telling her a very heartbreaking story of how her husband had just recently lost a large gold and diamond ring in the shallow water of their Lake Minnetonka home. He was doing some work on their boat lift when the ring slipped off his finger and disappeared into about three feet of water. The gentleman had searched for a long time to locate the ring, but had no luck. My wife then mentioned that her husband, (that would be me), just happened to own a metal detector and would be glad to try to help him recover his ring, which was an anniversary gift from his wife. To make a long story short, it took me less than fifteen minutes of my time to locate that beautiful gold and diamond ring and get it back on his finger! It was one of the best feelings I can ever remember, and I hope to get that opportunity again many times by being a part of the great Ring Finders organization!

North/West Vancouver, Lost Silver Native Indian Ring, Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

North Vancouver…Lost Silver Native Indian Ring…Lost while throwing a stick into the ocean for her dog.

The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service, London, England, Everton Burbridge

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service has its first member from North London, Everton Burbridge is an experienced treasure hunter that offers his metal detecting service for helping people who have lost their jewelry at the beaches, parks, lakes & yards, and other outdoor areas…

Visit Everton’s profile page at The Ring Finders…

Lost your jewelry in or around North London or anywhere in the UK?

Contact: Everton Burbridge

WW2 Gold ring lost, England, Somerset village, Spaxton, found by Mr. Paul Minton of The Ring Finders

  • from Rhondda/Cardiff (Wales, United Kingdom)

WW11  Concentration camp gold ring

Hi all

I just want to tell you a story that happened to me in 2008

I live in South Wales U.K. and I travel all over the country searching all the sites I have permission to detect on with many great finds

This one occasion I was at a detecting rally in the south of England in a small Somerset village called Spaxton the villagers had organised a weekend event covering about 100 acres of historical land with some of the land dating back to the bronze age

It was a warm day and I had gone back to my van to have some lunch and chat and show off our finds we had found with plenty of roman and hammered coins I was looking forward to the rest of the afternoon looking for more artefacts when a couple approached me asking me if I could help them locate a ring that had been lost a few years before

They told me that they was helping their neighbour to clear the overgrown back yard
When the gentleman who was helping them was clearing the brambles and needed a pair of gloves to handle them

He spotted a pair of gloves lying on the floor and went over to pick them up and unknown to him the lady whose yard he was helping to clear had taken off a gold ring and placed it on top of the gloves

He went over to the gloves and grabbed them not knowing that the ring was there, and in a flash the ring was sailing through the air into the undergrowth soon the whole group were looking for this ring and in the days that followed, they used all type of methods to find the ring even renting a metal detector but, still, with no luck

The lady who owned the ring was upset at the loss, not because of the value of the ring but because of the story behind the ring. Her father of 82 had given her the ring and told the story that went with the ring and how precious it was to him and an important part of the family history
He had carried this ring with him thorough all the time he was in the nazi concentration camps and he managed to keep it through all the marches the forced labour and searches, and the greatest sorrow was then to loose it through a simple accident

The lady had resigned herself to the fact that the ring was lost

After they had told me the story behind the loss they asked if I would be willing to help them to find the ring, I was their last chance. He said that he has always felt guilt about loosing the ring even with reassurance from the owner that it was an accident he couldn’t forgive himself

I picked up all my detecting equipment and got into his car and headed out to the area that the ring was lost and I thought to myself “this could be a long day”

When I arrived at the property I was taken to the yard where the ring was lost and there we enacted the whole scenario and based on the details I went to the area where I thought the ring could have landed,

In the years that the ring was lost the undergrowth had reclaimed the area where they had searched and I was looking at a lot of brambles and long grass

Like most of the detectorists in the U.K. I use a cut down spade

So with this cut down spade I began to hack away at the brambles and grass, and after a lot of sweat and profanities I managed to clear a small area, I thought then to give myself a break I will get my detector and search the area I had cleared

I switched on my machine put on my headphones and started to detect the area I had cleared, and within a minute I got a signal in amongst the dead leaves and hacked down foliage, I then used my foot to clear the area where the signal came from and there amongst the rubbish was this small yellow ring,

The gentleman was watching me working with my detector, I said to him “there it is” and with a look of disbelief on his face he looked down and saw the ring, I think for a few moments he stared at the ground not believing what he was looking at

He then bent down and picked up the ring and the realisation that the ring was now safe in his hand brought a large smile to his face and I think I heard a sigh of relief, as if he had been holding his breath since he accidentally lost the ring

I gathered up all my detecting stuff and headed back to the car, and all the time we walked back to the car he was constantly thanking me over and over and asking me what he owes me I told him “I didn’t want anything as I was glad to find it”, and I thought to myself that I still had time to search for the rest of the afternoon

I never got to meet the lady who owned the ring as she was on vacation and wouldn’t be home for a few days and I only had one more day at the rally

The gentleman insisted I give him my address as when the lady returned from the vacation she might want to get in touch with me

A week passed and a letter arrived in the post, the owner of the ring was overjoyed that the ring was found and that she was sorry that she couldn’t thank me in person
But will be forever grateful

For me it was a rewarding experience, I had reunited the ring and owner and went on to find some more roman coins and a few nice ancient artefacts