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Lost platinum diamond ring FOUND in Piedmont, South Carolina near Powdersville

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

I met Jess yesterday after she called me earlier in the week to find her platinum diamond ring. She told me she had lost the ring while doing yard work. I could sense the desperation in her voice and I knew I had to do all I could to help her find the ring. After setting up a time over the phone I went to her beautiful home and spent several hours searching for the ring with no success. After another hour went by I decided to use my Pinpointer to more accurately search around her pool and the lattice around her deck, which were places I couldn’t reach with my detector. I asked Jess more questions about what she was doing when she noticed her ring was missing and while we were talking I could see around the decking where the lattice was a bit loose, so I asked her if I could pull it back to look underneath the deck. She agreed, so I got down and pulled the lattice back and reached my hand in to push away some vines and I saw a glint of metal. After moving more leaves and vines back I saw what we had been looking for! Low and behold, there was her diamond platinum ring.

It was such an emotional thing for me to give her the ring, but that didn’t hold a candle to the emotions that she felt, I’m sure. She overflowed with tears and gave me the biggest bear hug I’ve ever had! Wow!! It was worth all the frustration of the time it took to find the ring. So don’t give up until all the avenues have been exhausted and don’t lose hope.

This was my first search as a member of The Ring Finders and I hope to have many more successful stories to share.

Lost Knife in Dallas,Tx Found

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We received an email from a very nice lady stating that her husband’s small pocket knife was lost in their yard.   We thought it was a little unusual to get a call on a knife but we are always excited to help people .  As we talked further we found out that the family had gone out and cut down 2 Christmas Trees this year and had strapped them to the top of the family SUV.  Upon arriving at home the father had pulled out his very special 3″ knife that his wife had given to him as a gift on their wedding day.  He used it to cut the rope holding the Christmas Trees to the SUV and then gave it to his oldest 10yr old daughter Ally to cut the other side.  She cut the rope and put the knife in her top pocket of her jacket and helped her dad and sisters drag the 2 trees into the house.  After getting the trees inside, she realize the knife was no longer in her pocket.  After 3 days of searching the 3″ thick grass cover in large leaves they had nearly given up.  10yr old Ally was heart broken at losing her daddy’s special knife. 

Ally’s mom got on the internet and found our “The Ring Finders” website .  She called and my wife and I set a time come by.  Upon arriving at their home we had a roughly 80ft by 40ft area of thick grass and leaves.  We got out our equipment and I began the search.  My wife’s ACE250 was acting funny  and she decided to just let me hunt.  She had her pinpointer with her while talking to the customer.  As you can imagine at every beep our detectors or pinpointers made the 3 daughters were right their with us looking for the knife.  Finally I suggested to the mom that they go check the SUV one more time while we continued the search of the yard.  My wife just sat down in the beautiful yard and kinda of just moved her pinpointer around and it went off.  She said “Don, go get the girls, I GOT IT”.   Ally the daughter who lost the knife came running out and grabbed the knife out of the yard and held it to her chest, she was almost in tears.

Ally and her family thanked us and thank us and then even took pick pictures with us and our equipment so they could so their dad.  Just another happy customer for “The Ring Finders”.

This hobby is so much fun!

Don & Ellen Wilson

The Dallas Ring Finders!

New ring finding service is now in Greenville, SC

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

Hi, My name is Jason Bontrager and I am supplying a new service to Greenville, SC. The service is finding rings or jewelry or lost metal items that are valuable or sentimental to you.I use a top of the line metal detector to do this.

What kind of items can I find ?

Rings, watches, keys, coins, gold chains, bracelets,and anything that is made out of metal.

I work on a reward basis.

I enjoy helping people, so if you need help finding that special item that’s missing give me a call.

Go to to find out more info.

Lost Ring in Sooke B.C. Found

  • from Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)

After being lost for more then 18 months, Courtney contacted me to search for her lost ring. She was in a panic because she was moving within a couple of weeks. After meeting at the site, I searched until the rains came. I returned twice more and after 2 1/2 hours I was able to find Courtney’s ring.

Shannon’s Husband Wedding Ring Lost now Found!

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)


Ellen & I got a call from our “The Ring Finders” website.  It as about 8pm on Sunday evening.  Shannon said that she and her husband had been at the local recreation center playground.  Her husband took off his wedding ring and put it in his pocket so he would not scratch it while working out using the playground equipment as a gym.

Upon returning home he realized his ring was gone.  He and Shannon searched for 6 days looking for the ring.  She found us on the web and called. I told her I would come on on Monday morning after 9am, but after hearing her voice and talking to my wife.  My wife convinced me to go do our 1st night search. We had our headlamps and our flashlight and the playground was in a nice area of town, so we decided to give it a try.

After 20 minutes of searching in the dark I hit something strong and thought to myself, I got it… but no it was a child’s charm bracelet.  I stood up and got another hit just 2 feet from the bracelet.  I bent down using my pinpointer and light and there was the ring.  I had to use the flashlight to be sure I had Shannon’s husband’s ring.  It was.

I called Shannon at 9:30pm and she seemed concerned when she realized it was me,  I said hello and ask her if she would like to come up to the park playground and pick up her husband’s ring.  She was estastic.  She said she would be right down.   She arrived in 15 minutes and was extremely grateful.  This is my favorite part of this hobby, seeing the smiles, seeing the relief, it is a win, win moment for everyone.

Now I thought this adventure was over, but on Monday I received a very special text message from Shannon.  I have pasted the text in below…

 “” Thank you again sooo much, Don!! I surprised Aaron with his ring when he got home from work last night…. I sat him down and proposed to him :).  Luckily he said yes 🙂 We are both so happy to have his ring back. You and your wife are so wonderful! It was an honor meeting you two! “”

Another successful NIGHT find for The Ring Finders”

Don & Ellen Wilson – Dallas,Tx




  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

This year alone, he has helped reunite nine couples with their rings.

Kevin Niefer uses several metal detectors to find lost wedding rings. (CBC)

Just last week, Niefer got a call from a Calgary couple that would lead him to his toughest assignment to date.

Will Hoff had lost his wedding ring in the Waiparous River near Cochrane. After about an hour of searching in the fast-moving rocky river, Niefer was able to find the ring.

“Are you freaking kidding me?” Hoff exclaimed moments after Niefer plucked his ring out of the water.

Niefer says he isn’t in it for the money. Although couples often compensate him for his efforts, he doesn’t charged them a set amount.

“When you find it and people go ‘Oh no! I can’t believe you found it!,’ That’s pretty exciting, right? And to be able to return something that sentimental — that’s the biggest reward,” Niefer said.

Found wedding band in river



Lost Wedding Band found in River near Calgary/Cochrane by Metal Detecting

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Lost Wedding Band found in River near Calgary/Cochrane by Metal Detecting.  In  the Wiaparous area.The ring was found in the rapids.The water was very cold but ring was found. It was found on the guys birthday. What a great Birthday gift. He lost it while rafting down the river.


The happy husband




One happy guy


            14 k gold wedding band


Lost in the Waiparous /Cochrane area


You Lost Your Ring in the Bathroom???

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

You Lost You Ring in the Bathroom???Lost Ring in the Bathroom????

We received an email from a gentleman named Les, he said that he was changing clothes in his apartment bathroom and when he went to pull his shirt over his head his wedding ring slipped off and hit the floor.  He said he actually heard it hit the floor.  He decided to finish dressing and then find the ring.  Mind you this is a very small apartment bathroom.

Les looked and looked for the ring, he and his wife checked everywhere.  They even had the maintenance men come and move their washer and dryer in the attached room to see if the ring was underneath.  Les lost his ring on his ONE MONTH wedding anniversary.  It has been 3 months since the ring went missing and he found “The Ring Finders” on the internet.  He lives literally 5 minutes from my home.

My wife, Ellen, and I arrived about 7pm not really believing we would have much luck.  Metal detectors are not of much use inside a home let alone a small apartment bathroom.  But Les was so nice and asked us to try so we agreed.  We took our Garrett Pinpointers and our Detection Camera Scope.  Upon seeing the size of the bathroom we knew it had to have bounced somewhere strange.

      In looking at the bathroom we found a small open lip under the cabinet where the kick plate is. It was only a 1-1/2 inch opening that I could not even get my hand into, I got out my 3ft Detection Camera scope and worked it into the slot, nothing at first but on the second side, there in the dark glowing under the light from the camera scope was Les’s Platinum Wedding Band.   I said, ‘hey Les, take a look at my detection screen, is that your Ring?’  He was so excited, he and I had to break loose the baseboard under the sink in order to reach it.  He hollered for his wife, “they found It, they found it!”  Another successful hunt for “The Ring Finders”.

Don & Ellen Wilson

Dallas, Texas

Lost Man’s Silver Wedding Ring in Gahanna, OH. “FOUND”

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)

I received an email from a guy that lost his Silver Wedding Band while playing football with his two young boys. He was very distraught from the lost of his wedding ring. After about a hour of doing a grid search in the thick grass. The sliver wedding band was found just under the wide grass blades. He was very happy to have to ring back on his hand.


Lost Man’s Silver Wedding Ring in Gahanna, OH. “FOUND”

Two Lost Gold Diamond Rings at Calve Barn in Mt. Sterling, OH “FOUND”

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)
Two Lost Gold Diamond Rings at Calve Barn in Mt. Sterling, OH "FOUND"

Two Lost Gold Diamond Rings at Calve Barn in Mt. Sterling, OH “FOUND”

I received an email from a lady that lost both of her Gold Diamond Rings while helping her neighbor feed some calves. Some of the calves were sucking on her fingers as she feed the others. Before she lefted the barn, she realize that both her rings were missing. It was dark out and it would be impossible to look for both rings since there is straw and calve manure everywhere in the barn.

I came with my rubber boots and my metal detecting and started searching though the straw and calve manure. Found the five stoned gold ring within 15 minutes of searching. But the other bigger diamond ring was no where to be found after another hour of looking. I then switched to a smaller coil and moved some calve pins. There was the other ring, in the corner where the bigger coil could not get to. Her face lit up when she saw the other ring.