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Lost Ring Walton Hills Ohio…Found!

  • from Brecksville (Ohio, United States)

Got a call from the lady that her husband was out raking leaves and 1/3 acre backyard and didn’t realize until three days later that his ring was missing I went out there on a Saturday morning it had snowed also when I turn my detector on it was going crazy and she asked me if BBs would affect my detector I guess they were shooting a lot of BB guns over the 30 years they’ve lived there so I got through that part and was about a little more than 3/4 done with their yard decided to go back by the trees and saw the big pile of leaves that the gentleman had raked so my resting was basically just going around all the trees and I started working in the leaf pile got about in to where it was only 2 feet deep of leaves and got a great signal on my whites V3 I that I have a Gold program that I put in and it worked great I started moving leaves and there was the ring I had to do a little trick on them so I put the ring on my pinky with my glove on walked in the house and told him I needed to warm up and asked his wife if the ring was fat like my ring and I pulled my glove off and she was looking at my ring in his ring was on the finger right next to mine she knows the right away it was great to be able to find that ring took me about two hours and 15 minutes. Read the rest of this entry »