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Lost engagement ring found Spartanburg South Carolina

  • from Greenville (South Carolina, United States)

I was contacted by a woman who stated she lost her engagement ring eight years ago. She said her dog ate the ring and then “processed it” out somewhere into the backyard, unknown exactly where. She and her husband have searched diligently over the years only to find frustration. The couple is moving soon and they wanted one last attempt to locate the ring before giving up.

The woman stated the dogs do not have a specific location in the back yard that they always go to to use the bathroom. I was presented with a fenced backyard that was approximately 300’ x 600‘ with no exact location. She pointed out the most probable areas and I started there. I am a realist and I advised the woman that there was a very low chance of finding the ring but I will do my best.

After approximately an hour and a half and about 30+ holes dug, I came upon a very clear distinct “gold tone” signal. Digging it I found a piece of aluminum, I then rechecked my hole and found the ring.

The woman and her husband were extremely happy. It truly is great to be able to help someone and locate something so important.


Lost engagement ring

The ring

The ring

Ring location in red