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Nails and Sharp Objects Removed from Children’s Play Area .. Fountain Valley, CA.

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Sokni and her family will be moving into a new home. She was worried that there may be nails or sharp metal objects in the backyard where her young children would be playing. She called me asking if I could use my metal detector to remove possible dangerous metal objects.

I asked if she had any reason that there were such objects in the yard. She told me that she just had a feeling that there might be metal trash because the house was about 30 years old. ‘We agreed to meet her the next day figuring that this would be a quick little search that would give Sokni peace of mind.

After scanning the first 20 feet of lawn, I was surprised to find several sharp screws, nails and a old razor blade. The general area was loaded with ferrous and non ferrous signals near the surface. This was a challenge to me and a good chance to dig all metals. Normally I’m just searching for precious metals.

This search took several sessions to complete the project and I was able to spread it out over a couple 3 hour searches. The photos show what was in the backyard. I couldn’t believe how many sharp items were in that small yard.