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Lost Ring 90 day in Ocean, Carlsbad

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

Late June I got a call for a Ring lost in chest deep water. After getin all info I head down at next low tide, this goes on every low tide for about 8 trips. I know its gona be heald till some sand movement . 3 months later I get a call for  another ring lost in shorebreak at same area so I head down. No such luck, beach break is goin off.  Wait, whats this,? OMG its the Ring from june. I head home but have ta pull over and text Him. Ah just call, I ask him to draw pic of ring and text it back asap.

Drawing says John my ring looks like this, I text back with a pic, (ring in hand) no, it looks like This…

we meet that eve at Coyote bar and grill. Had a great dinner and made a new friend. imageThis man kept in touch for 3 months and believed in me. I’m happy I didnt let him down.