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Indian Rocks Beach Ring Recovered

Marlita and Lani first met and became friends while working in the medical profession in Saudi Arabia. They had not seen each other since 1993 but had just reconnected and Lani was visiting from Connecticut. They decided to spend the day on the beach and relive old times. After a few hours of sunbathing, Lani decided to go for a swim. She was wise to the danger of losing jewelry when in the water so she took off her bracelet and ring, put them in Marlit’s hand and ran off into the water. Marlita quickly put what was in her hand into the beach bag. She did not realize that there were 2 items in her hand and somehow dropped the ring without knowing that she ever had it. When Lani returned and looked for her jewelry she discovered her ring was missing. They searched and searched but could not find it. They left the beach that night broken hearted. Lina had received the ring from her husband 30 years earlier and it was very precious to her.

Marlita was so devastated that she had been the one to lose the ring and the next morning she found The Ring Finders on the internet and contacted Tom. Tom went right up to the beach and met Marlita and Lina. He searched the best he could but with the beaches so full for spring break there were many area’s he could not cover. After finding nothing he organized a hunt that evening after the crowds had cleared out. The group, Stan Flack, Ed Osmar, Rick Magyar, Chris Duerden, Mike Miller, Jim Thobe, and Sharon Holcomb, showed up at 6:00 pm and by 6:30 pm Stan had the ring in hand. Marlita met us shortly after and was overjoyed to see Stan pull it from his pouch. She call Lina immediately and told her the good news. It was smiles all around!!!!!!! Great job team, thanks for being there for Marlita and Lina.

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Clearwater, Florida Park Recovery

It all started with a friendly tournament of volleyball with my company to raise money for the American Diabetes Association.  What was a very fun event unfortunately ended with park full of people searching for my wedding band.  On the last game of the day my ring flew off after an attempt to set the ball.  We had been playing in the rain so a wet hand made it that much easier to launch my ring into oblivion.  After about 30 minutes of approximately 30 people combing the court for my ring with no results, I needless to say a little bummed.  One of my co-workers presented a possible solution.  He had previously lost his ring as well and his wife handed him a metal detector to search for it.   I borrowed his metal detector and searched the court for another couple of hours in the rain.  Sadly enough I yielded no results.  Five days later I searched for possible metal detector services and came across the SRARC website.  I sent out my email for help at 1am in the morning.  To my surprise, I received a phone call hours later at 7:30am  from Stan.  We arranged to meet at the park where I lost my ring.  Stan had texted me when he approximately five minutes away.  I had run across the street to grab some orange juice and a banana for breakfast. By the time I got back Stan had already been on the volleyball court.  He proceeded to ask me about where I may have lost my ring and for me to describe what it looks like.  As I was describing my ring, Stan held up my ring in his hand. “Does it look like this?”  I cannot say thank you enough to Stan for making my day.  Despite my wife trying to make me feel better by being so wonderful and understanding, deep down inside I was sad that my ring was gone.   The service that Stan and the SRARC provided is priceless and deserving of much recognition.  Thank you Stan and SRARC.

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